Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Its over Day 9

I moored at the Crown in Broxbourne last night. I moored on the trip boat mooring not realising there were 24 hour moorings around the corner. Although the boat that was occupying one of the mooring had moss on the knots.

I had three more locks on the Lea and a further three on the Stort or so I thought. It was a pleasant surprise to find the marina just after the first Stort lock. There is a lock down into the marina. I moored to find the office and was told where to go. A member of staff stood on the pontoon indicating the exact spot. It was windy. I was pointed into wind at right angles to the pontoon and kicked the tiller to the left. I held station while the wind turned the boat then reversed in one go, as it was coming round, straight in next to another narrow boat Mr Staff member was suitably impressed (he didn't see me moor up before I went to the office), although that had its merits. I tidied up and met with the new owner handing him the key. Then went into town to eat. No one was serving food. Pooh!

Helen came just after eight to take me home.

Total distance is 150 miles, 7 furlongs and 77 locks. There is one moveable bridge; 5 small aqueducts or under bridges and 2 tunnels (Maida Hill Tunnel (272 yards long) and Islington Tunnel (960 yards long)). In eight days.

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Lisa said...

Impressive. We have reached Brentford today, two weeks, I haven't done any locks, mostly done about 4 hours a day, sat in the sun wherever possible but no arguments.
NB What a Lark