Monday, 1 July 2013

Nearly there! Day 8

I woke up at seven. Listened to the radio while I drank my morning cuppa then took Molly for her morning constitutional. I set off about nine. I only have three inches of fuel in the tank to do twenty miles. It is a 360 litre tank that lies across the boat under  the floor so I should be OK. Today was a good penultimate day. I ran into a weird Irish man who helped me do the lock at Waltham Town. As I was going in he decided he would go up the lock too. Apparently it had taken him ten days to make that decision. We chatted and when I noticed the name on his boat I asked if he was an internet man. He said yes he was on FB. I thought so. I said I am Maffi. He was pleased to meet me and after much vigorous shaking of hands and said he was following in my foot steps with the rubbish collecting.

I  passed Peter’s boat Futurest (no one at home). At Stonebridge lock they have had a new operating mechanism installed What a clusterfuq! Who ever designed this system needs shooting. I arrived as two boats were entering the lock it was an hour later when I exited the lock.It takes so long they have had a to make up a tool (electric drill driving a through a specially made gear arrangement) to replace the standard windlass. There were electric cables running all over the lock side and crossing the lock on top of the sluice posts.

Who at CRT thinks it is appropriate that it should take an hour to get through a lock? I would fire his ass soonest! A chap I spoke to said he was in despair at some of the decisions CRT management were making. I would hate to have to do this lock with a windlass I don’t think I have enough puff!

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