Friday, 30 August 2013


Less than a week after they arrived those stupid signs were taken down. I wonder what crap they will be putting up next.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Not a one off!

Just in case you think the last post was a one off, while I was in Saudi a young Arab girl who got pregnant had her throat cut by her own mother for bringing dishonour on the family. What is really sick is that she was raped by her own brother. Needless to say he was not punished.


Whilst on a visit to Dubai Marta was raped. She went to the police to report the crime and ended up jailed for 16 months for having extra-marital sex. This is the logic we can expect from any involvement with the Arab nations. As far as I am aware there is no evidence that the perpetrator was caught or even investigated.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Rose of Arden

When someone is right it becomes obvious that they know what they are talking about. To me it has never been obvious that the CRT know anything . . . . . at all!
The Rose of Arden has managed, in one short post, to put CRT to shame and tell a story that says more about the CRT than Winston Spencer Churchill said about the History of the World.
That the CRT can have their very expensive offices in Leeds looking down on a NO FISHING pontoon and fail to stop people fishing there says lots about the spineless bastards who are in charge of our waterways.
I am horrified that . . . . .no wait read it for yourself Easy-Target

Monday, 26 August 2013

Oh f***ing hell!!!

The time has passed when the CRT introduced the the new mooring rules. Here at Thrupp the new signs have arrived. Photo0484[1]

There are four of these all placed in a conservation area. Who gave permission to do this? They are abysmal!!! They are wrongly placed!!! The writing on them is barely English!!!  If this is the best the CRT can do then we are all doomed.

I have already witnessed people walking into these signs and shall be making my thoughts known to CRT and the conservation group on the Cherwell Council.

I cannot believe that the CRT is so f***ing incompetent.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Oh dear!

Just a few of the things that a have been said about Ellie May’s owner on the net, these from 2008

If it's the Ellie May that I think it is (Green, red panels, lot's of swags of roses everywhere, an ornate wrought iron gate over the front doors, and much flowery clutter on the roof when in residence) then it's already here at Skipton overstaying on the 3 day moorings in readiness for the Festival and allowing their dog to wander around the locality and crap everywhere.

The other Ellie May at Skipton as you enter the arm to the castle was his previous boat. If it is the Ellie May as described I am surprised as the man on board was very vocal about the state of the Leeds/Liverpool and told me of his contacts at BW he has. He claimed to have a BW man in charge of the said waterway on board for his trip to Skipton so he could show he has plenty to complain about. he complained bitterly about ccers paying nothing for moorings and lots of ranting, I thought he was just a kindly confused old man. Oh well.

I don't think Mr Ellie May knew what had hit him when they both knocked on the boat to protest. Probably explains why they've buggered off and left the boat unattended overstaying (about two weeks so far) on the three day moorings.

the guy says he has many many friends at BW, indeed he says Evans is a wonderful man and he sings loudly about Sally Ash , they listen intently to his suggestions of extra charges for ccers in order to raise more income for BW. He claims the Skipton boaters have a lot of time for him also, maybe he is presently staying with some of them while his boat blocks access for others. He gets extremely upset if he hears anybody has the gall to tie up on his home moorings while he is away.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Well, Well, Well,

by their own admission Norman and Pat Bate nb Ellie May intended to overstay on a London mooring because of the recent royal birth. I love them to bits (not). The country need arses like these two like it needs Cameron. They fit in very well.

I feel sorry for Heaton Bridge having these two as neighbours.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Ellie May revisited

The chap that was so offensive last Sunday on nbEllie May is, apparently according to my contacts from around the system, well know as an arse. In his home marina, I am told, he is called ‘the one to avoid’.

On one occasion, in Liverpool, he overstayed on a mooring despite being asked to move by the relevant authority. He often berates those who do not pander to his quick fire outbursts of total bollox!

Earlier this week he was heard telling a lady in Heyford about the ‘dosser’ who thought he owned Thrupp. He said I was an out of work scrounger who was a continuous moorer. I am at a loss as to why he thinks this. I have three jobs, four if you include writing. I was moored legally on a private mooring when he came through Thrupp. There is no way he knew who I was. I only told him I was a ‘local boater’, he was just being himself. I dare say he will slag me off up and down the length of the system. If you hear him spouting off please let me know. Another boater overheard this tirade and told him off for telling such blatant lies.

One can only assume he is a miserable bastard who must be ignored or pitied. What is sad is, he was complaining about moorings or lack of them, but he himself is part of the problem. He overstays when he is out and about, and is out and a bout in AUGUST when everyone else is out. I thought his wife was OK, but by all accounts she can be just as bad. And there was me feeling sorry for her because she was married to a total twat.

I am told he moors at Heaton Bridge. Does anyone know his name?

When it comes down to it I can be a grumpy bastard. I am quite good at it, but he leaves me standing.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Well that seems to sum it up!

I had a strange message come up on my computer this evening. It said:-

“Canal & River Trust not responding”

Sunday, 18 August 2013


I have given up on Facebook temporarily. I have some nice, good friends on FB but I also have ‘friends’ to whom I would not give house room. People who fail to understand simple criticism. People who have no understanding of  interaction. Who think everything you say is a sleight on their inability to understand the simple concept ”If you are wrong we will tell you you are wrong”, because an idiot can do it better!

Its nothing personal you are just dumb and you need to know you are dumb. If no one tells you, you will live a lie. I see no reason to why one should not speak straight from the hip. If you are an arse I will tell you you are an arse. If you feel offended I will say to you this:- Get a life! It is not my fault you are an arse! Blame your parents!

Life is not easy. We all have to take the knocks. If you cant take the knocks go sit in the corner. In life there are winners and losers, you choose what you are. I know I am not a winner, there that surprised you, but I am not a loser either.

Political correctness is a sham. Come to me with your PC ideas and I will tell you to fuck off. The meek will not inherit the earth coz they don’t deserve it. Simple!


Tom Crossley editor of NBW said to me today in an email:- “I am a marina moorer. I go cruising twice a year and I would like to use the visitor mooring, being a visitor, but I can’t as they are all full.”

The trouble is there are thousands of marina moorers who only go cruising a couple of times a year and they all chose August to set of on their ‘great adventure’, but they are too stupid to see this to be a problem. Of course they cant find a mooring. Understand this Tom there are plenty of empty visitor moorings, but you have to stop in the middle of the day. It is no use turning up at 7 or 8 and complaining you cant find a space. It’s like travelling on a train in rush hour and complaining you cant sit down. Would you like me to draw you pictures!

I do most of my cruising between October and March. I don’t have a problem with visitor mooring they are all EMPTY!!!

NB Ellie May

Today nbEllie May arrived at the bridge. He asked if those were the moorings. I said, “No Sir!” asked and answered. “You will find moorings round in Shipton.” He moaned. His wife came and asked why they couldn’t moor in the turning point. I pointed out that any hire boat coming through the bridge could do them some serious damage and of course the rest of the space was a BW private mooring.

I crossed the bridge to advise Mr Grumpy Guts of the situation here a Thrupp. His wife said, “This man says… To which he said, “Who is he? What is his job?  I explained as politely as I could that I was a local boater and that I would help him to understand what was what here in Thrupp. I knew he wasn’t going to listen he was very aggressive and demeaning. I explained the situation to him. “I know the rules,” he said. “I’ve been boating for years.” “I had dinner with a CRT director.” Well I nearly lost it at this point. I wanted to throw him in the water, but I said “It doesn’t matter who you had dinner with, you cant moor in a winding hole.”

A right F***ing asshole. What is most annoying is that he passed at least three moorings outside the Jolly Boatman. The little shit was spoiling for a fight. When he left the water point he shouted threats at me, but only after he was in the middle of the wide

Photo0475_thumb[5]Other people who I have talked to said he was known as a total wanker.

The NBW poll

If you are going to run a poll it has to be democratic or it has no validity. The £25 charge poll over at NBW was biased. It was removed because it suddenly got 71 votes against. Note it was not removed because it had nearly 2000 votes in favour, in a day. The 71 votes were removed.

But you must read what Tom Crossley said about why.

Tom is now claiming a clear mandate for the £25 charge even though the poll was at best flawed at worst a sham, but then Tom has done this sort of thing before.

One only has to go back to 2005 and his CCer’s poll which was pulled because of complaints about the loaded question.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

What's that all about?

I don’t have the art work for my book much less a publisher yet here I am sitting in the pub writing the follow-up.

What's that all about?


Lies, Damned Lies and…..

. . . . .CRT statistics. There are 35 thousand boats on one side and 10 million canal users on the other. This looks like we boaters are a very small minority, but we are not. These two numbers are arrived at using two different methods. CRT know this and are using the numbers, not the methods, to raise a case against boaters.

There are 35 thousand boats yes, but some boats have one occupant/owner some have up to 24. CRT don't mention this.They just count the number of boats. The real figure could be half a million or more.

10 million is not a number to represent the total numbers of people that visit the canals on foot, to fish, dog walking, cycle etc it is the total number of visits that take place. That could be just 100,000 people visiting the canal 100 times a year, which they may do on their way to work.

There are counters around the system which record the number of people that pass a given point and the 10 million are extrapolated from these. The counters are calibrated not to register a dog or a fox or a badger, but it does register boaters, so boaters on foot get lumped in with the 10 million so the ten million includes walking boaters you can see that the 10 million is not a real representation of the number. Yet another pile of misrepresentations from the CRT.

Irrespective of what the numbers are lets not forget that we all, boater, walkers, cyclists alike, pay via taxes for the upkeep of the canal. What could that be Xp per year? Boaters, who supposedly are only 3% of the total users  pay 13%  on top, which is a damn sight more than the so called 10 million visitors who pay nothing else. Ask a walker to pay even £25 year to walk the canal and the towpath will be deserted!!

It seems that the board of CRT have been taking lessons from ‘Call me Dave’ and to all intents and purposes they are learning well. Lie, cheat, misrepresent and make sure your mates get a good pay off!!

Of course I have just made this all up. No really!!

Friday, 16 August 2013


It would seem that not only are there five prime sites that are having their mooring times changed, but many sites ‘oop norf’ are having 14 day moorings changed to 48 hours. THIS WAS NOT IN THE PLAN! Yet another example of CRT running roughshod over boaters. One could be forgiven for thinking the new logo is lacking a swastika.

Some of the moorings, according to a friend are in the middle of nowhere! What is being achieved by this totally stupid action. If anyone knows please let me know. Sally how about you?

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Them new rools

DSCF8735A CRT man has been around this week putting up the new signs. As of the twenty-third of August the mooring rules will change here at Thrupp. So what has changed and why has it changed? The 3/4 14 day moorings just up from the Jolly Boatman are now 48 hour 2 day moorings. the conservation area near Gunpowder Wharf has been extended almost to Sparrow Gap Bridge removing about 4/5 14 day moorings. So in total we have lost 8 14 day moorings and gained a whole new bunch of weeds and several 2 day moorings. What exactly is a 2 day mooring? It cant be a 48 or they would have said 48. We all understand 48.

DSCF8736Has the conservation area been extended because CRT cant be assed to fix the bank that has been caused to collapse by the very creatures they are currently trying to conserve. Why do we need conservation areas on the towpath side. The off side could be is a conservation area and most likely to survive as such because the depth, or lack of it, prevents boats from getting near. I have to wonder what brain dead moron in CRT cant see that. If you moor in the conservation area there appears to be no fine.

I will bet my life that people will still complain that there are no moorings. Simply because the people who complain are the people who arrive at Thrupp and expect to get a mooring outside the pub at 7 o’clock at night. It has always been the case that if you want a good spot you arrive early. The moorings at Thrupp tend to be filled by mid afternoon. Now hire boats both north and south of Thrupp do not generally arrive in Thrupp until after 6. I wonder if the hire companies pushed for this. Seems a bit of foolery to me to send boats out late in the afternoon and complain that they cant get moored up. Nah I cant believe they would but….

The new mooring rules do nothing to address the people who arrive late at night and moor on lock moorings or bridge moorings. It does nothing to address the people who moor up on bends and it does nothing to address those who insist on breasting up where there is little width to the canal.

What it does do is make allowances for hire boats. I would hate to think that this had anything to do with the architect of this new set of rules, who I understand has some connection with a hire boat company or is it two? Personally I cannot believe that would be the case but then with a government selling the NHS to their mates nothing would surprise me.

Same old BW, nowt changes.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

New Mooring Bollox

The new mooring rules will come into effect in Thrupp in two weeks. I have to wonder what CRT think this will achieve. At the end of the day if you want a nice spot you need to arrive early. There is no point arriving a 7 pm and expecting a spot out side the pub it ‘ain’t gonna' happen’. People haver been arriving all day to be assured of getting a spot. However they change the rules late comers will not get a look in. They will still have to park out in the sticks.

If the CRT want to make better use of moorings then they should fine people for putting a 40 foot boat in the middle of a 100 foot space thereby preventing a 60 foot boat mooring up.

Photo0327I just cant understand why people will not share rings on the basis of privacy! Honeypot sites and the people who moor there cannot afford privacy. There isn’t enough space! If you want privacy STAY AT HOME. And please don’t make the assumption that the bloke behind you wants his privacy, if he is a proper boater he will want you to share rings to make room for others. Leaving 20 foot gaps between boats at prime places is not only damned inconsiderate it is proof positive that you are a tosser. Now get a grip!!!

Friday, 9 August 2013


I had a call tonight from Bob Ainsworth who owns ROSINA mentioned in the last post. He assures me that a walker was responsible for tying his boat to a tree as per the picture. Mmmmmm!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Sometimes as I walk the canal I have to wonder why some people were not asphyxiated before they had a chance to reach even toddlerhood. Soylent Green needs to be applied in certain sections of our community.

At ten o’clock Monday morning Dan nearly lost his head and several others nearly came a cropper at the behest of this arse because we don't have compulsory euthanasia for the terminally stupid in the boating world. The benefits for this would far out strip the disadvantages. Carousel should be compulsory for those who simply defy the theory of DARWIN and refuse to die.


Had I not seen this It would have taken me off the bike, put me on my back. Had I survived it would almost certainly have damaged my throat or even broken my neck This is not the kind of life threatening thing a man of 62 needs at his time of life.  This most certainly could have killed me or indeed anyone who was cycling along that path.

Whatever made this moron think that this was a good thing to do will haunt me for the rest of my days. NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! I have one thing to say to this moron


I don’t care why he did it. There is never going to be a good excuse for doing this. One more reason why  boat handling should be a licenced skill. This arse is not safe to be let lose with crayons let alone a 16 ton narrowboat..

Just so you know who not to moor near, here is a pic.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Wren


This is a Wren it is the second smallest bird in the British Isles'. Small it maybe, but it is so noisy. Probably one of our noisiest birds. It is the sort of bird that will chirp away and drive you nuts.



This is also a wren. You can see the name written on the bow. Narrowboat Wren, registration No 46466
DSCF8719Like the bird the Wren is small but very noisy especially Mr Wren. At 6 o’clock last Friday evening he was asking another boater to turn his engine off. The other boater explained his reason for running his engine and simply refused, of course, he was within his rights. Mr Wren started threatening him the other boater vociferously replied that the rules state, ‘8 till 8’, but he would turn his engine off when he had some charge in his batteries, which is I think fair enough. Mr Wren was threatening to board the boat and turn of the offending engine. At which point Mrs Wren told Mr noisy Wren to go inside. The Wrens had a young baby on board which, to be fair, was the reason they didn’t want the fumes of a ‘near new’ engine to penetrate their boat.

Now I might be a Grumpy old git,DSCF8707 
but to my mind when you choose to have a child that is your choice. You have to put up with it and to some extent change your way of life to cater for that child's needs, wants and wishes. Others don’t have to! You simply cannot turn up in a line of boats and expect everyone not to run their engines just because you have a child. If you don’t want the fumes/noise or whatever to impinge on you and yours then it is you who have to take action not others. You have to chose somewhere else to moor. You cannot simply use threatening behaviour to force others to  comply with your needs/wants/wishes  I suggested to the aggrieved that he should report the matter to the police. The very grumpy Mr Wren needs to be spoken to in a manner that will quieten him down. For a bully like him to be shouting the odds and threatening people when no one is doing anything wrong is beyond the pale. Get a life Mr Wren and seek anger management counselling!!!!

I tell you this so that if you see him moored somewhere you can  maybe moor somewhere else to avoid any conflict.