Friday, 9 August 2013


I had a call tonight from Bob Ainsworth who owns ROSINA mentioned in the last post. He assures me that a walker was responsible for tying his boat to a tree as per the picture. Mmmmmm!


Henhouse said...

If it was "the" Bob Ainsworth, (ex Secretary of State for Defence), then I would stick with your original assessment !

He was a tosser, probably still is !

John said...

Hi Maffi,

Well at least his excuse gives you and anyone else who comes across a similar situation the perfect reason for untying the rope.

If challenged by the owner, you explain that you assumed some passerby had tied the rope across the towpath, as some form of joke, and you were just making it safe. If they appear not to be worried about other people's safety then making a point about the boater being liable in the event of an accident might stop them doing it again.

If appropriate you could also point out that you don't believe anyone responsible for a boat could be so stupid.


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Anonymous said...
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