Thursday, 28 November 2013


What a shit day today (Wednesday) I was moored up at the top end of Ansty near the Club House. I walked Molly this morning before setting off. Along the  towpath I counted over 60 piles of doggie doo. There were some 15 bags in close proximity to the water tap though most piles were not bagged. Given that Ansty is a stand alone village it is the village dog owners that seem to be the problem.

Ansty is a good contender for the this winters

Crappiest Place  on the Canal Award

The first year I came here I removed several bin liners of doggie doo from around what appeared to be their only dog bin, by bridge 15. Don't look for it because it is no longer there, the bridge nor the bin.

I am going to write to the parish council and make a big complaint.

I shall insert this certificateCERT


Anonymous said...
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John N/B Ellen said...

Well done Maffi, they need telling!
Great Certificate, don't suppose it'll go on the wall though.

Anonymous said...
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Yvonne said...

Having got dog shit on 2 pairs of boots and one pair of slippers at Brewood yesterday,I may just send their parish council something similar.

Ann nb Oakfiled said...

Well done you, we have never managed to moor at Anstry yet, too shallow.
Don't think we'll bother trying again now either.

Unknown said...

Burnley holds our record 28 piles in the 58ft of QISMA when we stopped for Tesco. Did NOT linger. Llangollen at Swanley builds up over winter when fewer boaters to clear up after locals,