Wednesday, 13 November 2013

I knew you were coming. . . .

. . . .  so I baked a cake.


How fab!


A good friend gave me some instructions about cooking.


Carol said...

Looks good enough to eat!

Pongo said...

How did you know my Tour was finally over and I was back in the UK? Looks delicious!

NB Dash said...

Wow, I'm impressed. Now how about giving us the recipe so that we can enjoy it with you.

Maffi said...

8oz cane sugar
8oz flour
8oz butter
3 duck eggs

Gas 4 1 hour 15 mins

James said...

That's the recipe I used for years in the catering industry, its great for steamed sponges too. Bit of golden syrup in the bottom of a small bowl, knob of butter and sponge mix on top, into a streaming pot on top of your solid fuel stove of choice and go down the pub for a couple of hours :-)