Wednesday, 20 November 2013

South East Boaters Group

The Canal and River Trust has got together a "South East Boating sub group" Yeay! As Jeff Wyatt is the area Manager I am assuming that this was another of his ‘babies’. Such groups tend to be small so that they are not unwieldy and as such easier to manage.

A number of people are querying the make up of the group. For instance one member, James Cook, does not (at the time of writing) have a boat in the South East region. Furthermore does not own a boat with a CRT licence. Why is he a member of the group? Surely a South East Boaters Group is about boaters in the south east, is it not right the group should be made up from ‘boaters‘ and more specifically boaters who do the most of their boating in the south east. Maybe it is me. Have I missed something here.

Two other members of the group are Anne Davies and James Griffin. Both of these are hire boat operators why would such a group need representatives from ‘two’ hire boat companies. Surely such a group should have an even mix “representing all” aspects of boating in the South East?

One has to wonder if the group has been loaded because the SE Visitor Moorings Consultation failed to produce the result wanted by CRT, but I am just guessing. Maybe the CRT should get out of politics, and just run the canals, before they f**k it all up.

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R. Hawkins said...

Good questions.
What are the chances of them being answered?
I do feel that C&RT are trying to change their culture, but one doesn't stop juggernaut dead.