Monday, 4 November 2013

That’s alright then

I have a few grand in the bank. Last month I earned £0.48p interest. Not much is it? It probably cost more than that to calculate.

So anyone could understand why I am incensed that Wonga has put their interest rate up to 5,853% APR.

Some might think this is LOAN SHARKING but we must temper our anger with the clear and certain knowledge that the Boss has donated £800,000 to the Conservatives.

You will of course understand from this that he is above the law!

At their web site there is a box that says “90% of our customers would recommend Wonga to a friend”. Glad I don’t have friends like that. I wouldn't recommend WONGA to Satan himself. This is daylight robbery. I don't care how they justify this, this is so wrong.



Neil Corbett said...

I CAN NOT understand how anyone can be allowed to charge that rate of interest! What is wrong with the government that they allow it to continue? I despair.
Kath (nb Herbie)

Maffi said...

In all fairness that applies if you never pay back a loan.

R. Hawkins said...

It does seem that if you support the right people you can get away with a lot.
The Conservatives are not alone in allowing supporters to "get away with it" That, of course doesn't make it right.
"Come the revolution!" comes to mind.