Tuesday, 3 December 2013


I know I said Long Itchingdon is a dog dirty place and last week I sent a certificate to Ansty Parish council but Nuneaton has to be the worst place ever. There is Dog doo doo every where too much to count and there is an abundance of rubbish.

I thought it was a bit much when I saw soiled nappies floating in the canal (Ewugh) but when I saw them on the grassed areas around the flats WELL! I was disgusted. Do people really deserve to have nice places to live.

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Ann nb Oakfield said...

Quite, I think we agree that canalside Nuneaton is always messy, even with the new housing.
There realy is no excuse for house dwellers to scatter their rubbish is there?
After all they have the convenience of wheelie bins and someone to collect their rubbish for them!
The 'Waynes and Waynettas' of this world are just plain lazy.