Friday, 13 December 2013

Burnt out car!

Last Friday a car caught fire at Hawkesbury Junction. Near the toilets it was. Someone came and took away the shell leaving the debris. I didn’t get there till Monday. Well among the debris was a quantity logs, a bit charred, but useable. So I had them away, two bin liners full.
But there was a load of other charred stuff there, mostly bits of car, amazing how much plastic there is! Well I dragged out a dumpster and fetched my broom and shovel. In ten minutes it was gone.
The CRT chap that was there was over the moon that someone would get down to shifting it as he had asked a couple of times for the office to get the contractors down there. Well it didn't take long and was well worth doing if only in return for the firewood. I’m not that stupid ya know.
Rolling on the floor laughing

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Alf said...

Be careful, as some plastics, when burnt produce noxious substances, keep it away from your skin !