Sunday, 1 December 2013

Dear oh dear!

Last month when I came through Berkhamstead I encountered this pole attached to the hand rail of the safety ladder at the Rising Sun Lock.
At the time I phoned CRT and complained that the pole was a hazard. I was promised it would be removed soonest. I was talking to a local lad yesterday and it transpires that it is still there over a month later, but now sports Christmas lights.I AM NOT F***ING AMUSED JEFF! I fired off an email to the regional manager.


Halfie said...

What is the problem with the pole attached to the ladder hand rail? Is it that it might make it slightly more complicated hauling a boat into or out of the lock?

Maffi said...

The handrail belongs to the CRT and is part of a safety system. The pub has no right to use it to support their bunting. And yes it does get in the way of boating. IIRC its plastic and anyone using it as they come up the ladder will get a bit of a shock if it breaks