Thursday, 5 December 2013

Leaving the tip. (Nuneaton)

Well I left Nuneaton this morning. My cherished memory will be the chap from Star Line who disposed of a 10 litre container of used engine oil I found floating in the canal no questions asked. My un-cherished memory will be the sight of disposable nappies floating in the canal.

Before I set off I went into town to post some stuff and when I returned I collected another 2 bags of rubbish. I collected more on the way and by the time I got to the disposal station at Atherstone top lock I filled one dumpster. 12 bags of rubbish (wheelie bin bags), one flat wheel barrow, one broken deckchair, half a clothes airer. This of course doesn’t include the bits of wood I rescued for the fire

On the top of my boat I left 4 bags of aluminium cans (the have a trade in value, nearly £2 per kilo. I have about £50 quid on the roof.

I am amazed by the response of people who compliment me and say its a never ending job. So I suggest they could help. Not our job they say. Then they get all sheepish when I tell them I am on holiday from Oxford.



MortimerBones said...

How does it compare to when you were there last yeat?

Dave said...

We went down here a couple of years back in a hire boat and it was just the same. Narrowly missed a fridge and lots of other large junk but managed to retrieve a large mooring buoy which is now in use elsewhere.

You might soon make some more money (if the council gets its act together)


Ann nb Oakfield said...

Well done again to you, pass go and collect your £50 reward!
Northbrook Lock maybe the 'place to be' but not in this windy weather. There are very tall ivy-clad trees leaning over the canal with their roots undermined by Badger sets.
The other chimney is on Bones boat!

Anonymous said...
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