Saturday, 7 December 2013

Richard Parry

Atherstone top lock was open to the public today so I went along to see what was going on. The lock itself was drained purely to let the public in to look around. While it is drained some pointing will be done, but there is nothing dramatic to be done unlike further down the flight.

In the top lock there was some rubbish, which is only to be expected. But three, yes 3, sets of bathroom scales? There were no shopping trolleys, that surprised me. Walking back up the flight I saw a familiar face, that of Richard Parry. His wife and daughter were also on the towpath. I quite liked Richard, but I just wish he didn’t remind me so much of David Cameron.

While the flight is de-watered the local volunteers, some from as far away as Fradley Junction, have taken to painting all the things that need painting.

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