Friday, 6 December 2013

Stop thief!!!

Today before the wind got up I took all the light stuff off the roof and stored it in a corner suitably weighted down to stop it ending up in the canal. About an hour later I looked out and it had all gone! WTF!!!

I walked along the towpath and saw some volunteers standing around some piles of rubbish. I went over the bridge and asked if I could have my stuff back. Of all the nerve! They chose today to clean up the towpath.

And they didn't offer to bring it back.


MortimerBones said...


Anonymous said...
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Dave,Beryl Bradshaw said...

I hope you left all your collected bags of rubbish for them to dispose of. Dave

Sue Hunter said...

Ha! You should have told them to go to Nuneaton. SUE NB Beefur