Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Sweating the Metal

I have just read this incredible story. What ever you think about the war in Afghanistan this book will hold you spellbound. It is a story of the unbelievable bravery and incredible courage of the Royal Air Force Chinook pilots who put the needs of the wounded soldiers on the ground before their own safety.

If you don’t cringe when Frenchie’s ship takes an RPG through the rear rotor pylon or duck when he takes a bullet to the head but still carries on to bring his missions to a safe conclusion, then you are beyond redemption.

The unbelievable valour displayed in this book is what made Britain Great.


Flight Lieutenant Alex ‘Frenchie’ Duncan DFC AFC is a modern day Great Briton! He doesn’t ride a bicycle so I don’t suppose he will get a Knighthood, but it would be so richly deserved.

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R. Hawkins said...

Thank for the heads up. I just ordered my copy.