Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Coventry Canal. . . .

. . . . is to use the terms of the Maffster ‘Full of Shit’. There are hundreds of plastic bags nay thousands of plastic bags in the water. Same on the bankside. There are chairs settees bins and all manner of stuff just dumped in the canal. Tins and bottles abound floating along the edge and great lumps of wood, today I found a table floating.

With all this detritus in and around the water it is inevitable that some will get caught around the propeller. It can take a few minutes to remove or a couple of hours depending on what you catch. What ever it is and how ever long it takes to remove take the time to bag it up and keep it until you get to a waste disposal facility.

Tossing prop foul on the tow path is not a very satisfactory solution to your anger, it will end up back in the water. Yes I know its not yours, but its not mine either. I don’t think you can justify tossing it aside and not taking it away

This is the last lot I got.


Now I don’t want it and I know neither do you so bagging it for later is a sensible solution. No proper boater ever leaves it on the towpath.

This pile was taken from Kidlington green Lock side. There is a lot of crap there. The bit at the bottom is a child's toy suitcase there is some netting, plastic bags, ropes etc. What moron left it by the waterside?




Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Welcome to the Coventry. Passed you at Nuneaton yesterday but you must have been out. Trust me, Nuneaton is not as bad as it was a few years ago. Not surprising that so few people stop there.

Ann nb Oakfield said...

Blimey, you could furnish a house with that lot!

Anonymous said...
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Maffi said...

G&J there is lots of space where I am.