Sunday, 8 December 2013

Thirty-Three years

It has been thirty-three years since Mark Chapman shot and killed John Lennon. And in that thirty-three years over one million people have been shot in America!
Of course every American still has the legal right to own a gun, even the loonies!
The Wind That Never Dies
                                                                               (Ode to John Lennon)
In the austere silence of my early days of life,
There came a wind of change into the world.
A young man, an angry man, with oh so much to say.
Time would tell and he would have his way.

The songs came and very soon every one had heard,
The message and absurdity he penned in every word.
And it was the breeze of peace, that was this mans intent.
The life that was within him would oh so soon be spent.

Singing songs of tomorrow for peace through all of time.
The lives he touched were everyone’s not just yours and mine.
An anchor for the youth of nineteen sixty-three.
The words he wrote were beautiful, so beautiful to me.

Oh, John I am so sad you died before your time.
We’ll never know the heights to which you would’ve climbed.
And Yoko said, “There is a wind, a wind that never dies.”
So now I feel your spirit around me in the skies.

You didn’t want to be a soldier,
so sad that you should die.
I heard the news that day,
The tears fell from my eyes.
SJR 1995


Steve said...


Paul and El said...

Hi Maffi
Its actually been 33 years. A very sad day.

Maffi said...

My how time flies its thirty three years.

A Heron's View said...

John born Liverpool 1940
ex Beatle and M.B.E.
Departed New York 1980

Cupro-nickle six
Impales vital flesh
Discord rhythm slips
Lennon into death

Amplified sound loses
Earth's mystic beat
Playing Yoko's love
with substituted pain.

Songs of love and peace
Will flower forever on
Echoing thro' the world
In green growing harmony.

©MRL 1980