Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Well . . . .

. . . . I can read it but I don't understand a word of it!
You will notice there is no solution, no option to fix, no promise to look for a solution. The new Windows 8 is a disgrace. The only connection the customer has with the process is paying the bill.
I no longer believe the crap Microsoft spew out every time they roll out a new version. They always say it is easier for people who are new to computing. Bollox! What about the millions of users who put in the time to learn the system they have.
Half of what I will do with this machine now requires me to be on line. Why? I don’t want my calendar on line, I don’t want my writing on line, my boating log etc. etc. My computer my info. I shouldn't have to go on line to use 'my' computer. Microsoft is far too powerful for a private company.


Jacquie said...

Hi Maffi - I won't mention your xmas - because I can imagine it had mixed emotions with recent events - my thoughts with you though.
With reference to your txt - I keep getting that message - I thought it was due to the untold problems I seemed to be getting with all my techno gadgets - " Is it just me " - Have you found out what it is - or how we might rid of the pesky box ?.
I see we neither sleeping again !!
Wishing you a Happier New Year
Jacquie :)

Anonymous said...

I've been a Linux man for many a year now although my job is to support Microcraps rubbish. Bit of a leap of faith for Windows users but with Linux, there are no WTF moments, it just does what its meant to reliably.

Tom and Jan said...

Another vote for linux!

Johnny Essex said...

I thought I was a reasonably intelligent computer user until Win8 came along. Not on my pc fortunately, but on one I have to use for occasional work off-site. The active screen corners seem decidedly dodgy so I'm trying to use suitable keyboard shortcuts as getarounds. This should not be necessary. Leave it like it was, or keep a choice for those that like Win7 the way it was. Grrrr

A Rival Wild Pyramid said...

Indeed - I made the switch last year and am very happy - Mint is my preferred version. Had to sort out my mother's PC over christmas and it's a nightmare dealing with Windows foibles. Even the help button wanted me to register an account online. Never again.

Halfie said...

Perhaps it's a Blogger thing. I've been getting that error message on my Mac at home for two or three weeks now.

Sue Hunter said...

I've had the same message too & put it down to a glitch on Blogger. I keep ignoring it in the hope it will go away. Sue NB Beefur

nb AmyJo said...

Defo a blogger thing, I get the same error on my winddoze 7 PC for a few weeks now

nb AmyJo said...

I asked google and got this back

Blogger is currently having problems in IE9, IE10 and IE11. the engineers have been alerted and are working on the problem.

In the meantime, please switch to a different browser, like Firefox or Chrome.

As they own Chrome why am I not surprised they want me to use it instead of internet explorer!