Sunday, 26 January 2014

I used to like him.

Maffi@TheMaffster 24m

@metpoliceuk As George Osborne benefitted directly from cutting 50p tax rate is this not misuse of public office?

Lord John Prescott@LordJPrescott 16m

@TheMaffster << muppet or loon, cannot decide?

Maffi@TheMaffster 12m

@LordJPrescott George or me Sir?

Lord John Prescott

@LordJPrescott 5m @TheMaffster jeez. the left deserve you.

Maffi@TheMaffster 1m

@LordJPrescott Well just remember the next time you pick up your welfare cheque from the HoL I contributed towards it.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

That cupboard

DSCF9869If you remember this =>
then you may well remember me saying when I made it  that I would put a door on it later OK so it took me a while but I got around to it eventually, in my own time.
See below.


 I made it from the side of a book case that I was discarding after I built the shelves in the bedroom. It is not hinged and I don’t think it will be. My plan is to stick a magnetic tape to the inside face of the door and the same to the leading edge of the cupboard so that it is held in without the need for hinges. That way I wont need a catch either. Its not the best piece of wood but with a coat of varnish it will be fine. I do have a piece of Ash that could be cut to size, but I really need access to a bench saw because it is not square. In fact it’s very nearly circular

Other parts of the bookcase were donated to Mary Panton for shelves on her boat

I think I am suffering from harbouritus with all this fixin’ I seem to be doing.

If I had a hammer!!

So my old mooring hammer, which I found after I lost one bought me by Bones, was in bad need of a new handle. I went to the DIY sheds to get one. In each store it was the same story, “No sorry Sir we only have complete hammers! I found this a bit odd coming from one DIY store let alone several. The handle was buggas and I needed a new one. I kinda thought I would like to do it myself. Well you would, wouldn’t you.

After a few weeks of trying to find one I resigned myself to purchasing a new hammer. This one I bought from Wicks for a tenner. (Note the longer than usual handle.)


It was when I got to Nuneaton I found the Tool Store. The Tool Store is a marvellous emporium of all things DIY. If you have never been there you must go its fab. There is another one in Atherstone. Anyway I found an ash handle to fit my hammer head. It was only this week that I got around to fitting it.


Well it would be a shame not to make it look like a really professional job so after I hammered in the metal wedge I finished the end like the professionals do.


Of course I didn’t use the same stuff, but PVA with a coat of varnish does the job. Now I have two Mooring hammers.


If you like the look of the shop bought one with the glass fibre handle, but don’t like the long handle they do a shorter one for only seven quid.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Job done!

I have ordered my new brushes this morning. Two sets + vat + delivery £16 as opposed to £60. Thanks to Chris Wren.

Thursday, 23 January 2014


Ok can anyone point me to a program to take this out. Its beginning to piss me off!


Them brushes……

Last evening I got an email from Chris Wren. Chris is a very useful chap in that he can look at a bit and tell you where it comes from. My generator brushes are a common BOSCH part. And they are a lot cheaper buying from a specialist alternator supplier than a marina.

One price I was quoted was £22.66+ del which I didn't think was that bad until Chris‘s communication,

Wood Auto
£3.12 + VAT + carriage
If you ring them they will post the item but on-line ordering defaults to courier delivery.


£10.99 'free delivery'


If you fancy soldering brushes into the holder!


Going by the pictures I think the cheaper ones are too short

So if you have an Electrolux Travel pack needing new brushes this is the info you need. If you have just bought some at an exorbitant price might I suggest you buy some brushes and fit them into the old brush holder for the next time,

Now I am drained……

It has taken me several days to sort out the problems I have been having with my computer, but I think now it is sorted. The biggest problem was PlusHD.9. These are the scum of the internet they give you an option to opt out but it doesn’t work. Anyway having removed over 200 files and associated entries the problem I have been seeing here appears to have been cured. Please let me know if you receive any more spurious emails.

Is it really still winter


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The boys…..

…..are having a punch-up.

240 AC

I am thinking it is time to change the brushes. The brush on the left hasn't been in proper contact with the slipring for some time.



These two …247825_2118317280289_798759_n

gave birth to……


Cute isn't she!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Scottish Toddler

Sometimes you just know from the outset when a story breaks that it will end bad. Body found mother arrested.

Mikaeel Kular


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

NBW eRRor!

Having said in this article that we are not told about easing restrictions in the winter (“they make no mention of longer stays in non peak periods”) it actually states while listing the contents that it does. Is Tom losing his grip or is the feckless Victor finally taking over his creator.

Computer Security

Whenever you down load anything onto a computer you have to be very careful. It is easy to get distracted and just click through the dialogue boxes. You can end up with all sorts of crap on your new ‘puter. All manner of stuff appears, search engines, browsers. file managers, download managers etc. All for the sake of paying attention and watching what you click.

Often the first you know about it is when you next switch on or open up your browser and find that your home page has changed. This is most annoying. My home page is this one. I just wouldn’t dream of having another, but my email/FB/Twitter also open tabs at the same time.

So I start looking to change all that has happened. The trouble with removing these programs is that they are not very well written. Some use .dll files already on your system and of course write into your system registry. When you uninstall a program it takes some .dll files with it leaving you short. Entries written into the registry are left there and may cause a problems at a later time. And then there is the odd file that is left behind which feeds information to the now defunct software company.

I have ben doing this ‘putering stuff for 23 years now and I still just click through. One should have learned by now. But what amazes me is that whilst I wanted a program to turn a video the right way up the company thought I might like a new browser and search engine not forgetting a music management system. Throw in with that a dating site and I have the full set.

Getting rid is never easy and the ‘puter never works the same again. Woe is me!

Forget Al Qaeda……


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Loughborough Steam

The Oliver Cromwell


Maffi to-
@Tesco There is a Tesco shopping trolley outside 50 Ferryman's close Loughborough fished out of the canal. That's two this week. You owe me! 

@TheMaffster Haha, thanks for letting us know, could you DM the postcode please? =)

Maffi to-
@Tesco Its not funny it has locking wheels. No I don't have the post code try looking at a map Number 50 Ferrymans Close

@TheMaffster There is quite a few "Ferrymans Close" in Britain. Could you tell us which town this in please? We can then let our team know.

Maffi to-
@Tesco See first tweet

No reply!!!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Stats from Oct 3

So far this trip I have travelled 412 miles, operated 7 lift/swing bridges, traversed 214 locks, collected 72 bags of rubbish, rescued one bicycle, 3 truck tyres and removed 5 shopping trollies. I also emptied three council litter bins (in the basin) that binmen were too lazy to empty themselves (boaters ash). Given that I have spent 5 weeks stationary that’s not bad!


Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Curious Incident of the Body in the Canal

Two weeks ago I travelled up to Loughborough from Leicester. It started out as an uneventful trip, that is until I was approaching Belgrave Lock going under Swan’s Nest Bridge. A Police officer on the bank ask me to pull over, well he was a CPSO but same same today. He said he would have to ask me to wait until the police had finished at the bottom gate.

“Oh says I,” “have you found a body?”

“I’m sorry sir I can’t say,” he said in a Virginia tone.

“Oh so that’s a yes then?”

He gave me that knowing look.

I was allowed to get off the boat and tie up and even managed to collect a bag of litter. There was a ‘tent’ at the bottom gate and a number of officers were milling around looking at the floor.


“What they up to,” I asked.

“Collecting evidence.”

I only had to wait about half an hour and they zipped up the body bag and took it away. Down came the tent, rather clumsily, and that too was carted off. I was then allowed to carry on. Needless to say they didn't offer to lock me through.


Thursday, 9 January 2014

Mark Duggan

Mark Duggan was a criminal, plain and simple. Whether or not he held a gun at the exact moment he was shot is really on no importance at all. What is known is that he had obtained a gun 15 minutes earlier. No one knew if he had any more guns with him.

If you start insisting that officers start holding back in case a known armed man has disposed of his weapon the we will end up with more dead policemen. If an officer genuinely believes he or others are in danger then we must not seek to restrain him from taking the action he sees as appropriate, in that split second, in the face of danger.

The family of Mark Duggan cried out for justice. Justice was delivered today. Marks family changed the goal post. They don’t want that justice, they want what they see as justice which is at odds with the verdict.

Marks mother does not appear, to me, to be the sort of person who would know what justice is. Her behaviour at the court was provocative and thoroughly offensive. She said, “I will have a judicial review.” Erm sorry that is not her choice, who does she think she is? His brother, father of six, did nothing to show me he was a grieving soul, rather just a loud mouthed yob as did many of the assembled mob.

Mark Duggan is dead nothing can be done to bring him back. A jury of 10 has concluded  that, under the circumstances, he was lawfully killed.

The family of Mark Duggan didn’t deserve to have him die in this way, but he chose his path in life. Let me repeat what I said at the beginning “Mark Duggan was a criminal, plain and simple.”

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Ah Ha!!!

Well if you wait long enough it is just possible the answer will show up.

Why were there six empty cigarette cartons on the tow path this morning?

Not much evidence to go on, but the time. I went out about ten it had been raining an hour before. All the cartons were wet. The cartons arrived before nine. What happens around nine? School starts!

There are some houses across the bridge and as I noticed this afternoon the lads use the towpath to travel to and from school. It could be that the tow path is the first place they would light up on their journey. I will have a quiet chat with the lads in the morning.

Ban Smoking

Yesterday I set of with a bag down to the lock which was undergoing repairs. On the way I collected a full bag of litter. When I returned to my boat the towpath from the Albion Inn to Loughborough lock was pristine.

This morning I took Molly for her morning constitutional,  Within sight of my boat I saw an empty cigarette packet, Still within sight of my boat down to the bridge I picked up a further five empty packets.


It would seem that MAYFAIR smokers are litter louts!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

If this is true….

….I will kill her myself!


Understand this McVey We are not all in this together. Think back a bit


Sunday, 5 January 2014

Where’s it gone?

So yesterday, after the news about Spike and Millie down in Banbury, I went to test my CO alarm. Its there at the end of the book case on the side of the underwear draw. Its been there for seven years.  It’s not there now. Bugger!


So off I go straight away to B&Q and buy new ones. There’s a special offer on two. Now I have one in the living room and one in the bedroom.


Now then do you know anyone who may not have one because they cant afford one? I think we all may. How about you find out and offer them one as a belated crimbo prezzie or just give them one anyway. Could be the best thing you ever do for them.  Think about it!

This is unbelievable

Click on this picture and read the story. You will be amazed.


This is the man who said vote  for me in 2015and you will get an EU referendum.

This is the man who said vote for me in 2015 and I will make sure pensioners get a fair deal.

This is the man who would sell his own mother for a nickel.

If ever a man need to be placed on a spike at Traitors Gate this is he!

One despicable piece of political garbage,

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Friday, 3 January 2014

The silent killer

One of the dangers of living on a boat is the possibility of carbon monoxide (CO) leaking into the cabin from the stove and causing death. CO is odourless, colourless and invisible. When it comes you never know. Often symptoms are passed off as food poisoning, with the whole family feeling the effects. Whenever someone dies from CO poisoning it is sad, but more so when the deceased is known to you.

I first met Spike a few years ago in Thrupp. and have met up with him many times since. His Staffie, Millie, was a real charmer. His boat, Samara, would never win any prizes, but then neither would mine.. Spike was to me an affable chap who didn’t seem to be one for the rules, but he was friendly and a bit of a character. His body was found by some neighbours yesterday morning on the tramway moorings in Banbury.

It is thought that Spike died from CO poisoning.  We will find out at the post mortem. I have no reason to believe that Spike did not own a CO detector, but then I have no reason to believe he did. Many boaters don’t have a CO detector, this is borne out by continual roll of CO deaths within the boating community. It is not large, but it is persistent.

Anyone not having a CO detector would be wise to get one. They can be purchased from any of the DIY sheds around the country.

Stay safe!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Jack Straw

Would someone like to tell me what is‘right’ and ‘honourable’ about this piece of political rat shit?


State of the nation

We are supposed to be a modern, first world country, but we have hundreds of thousands of people using food banks. We have people who do not have enough money to buy their food. These are not benefit scroungers, but people who are working, but paid a pittance in salary to the absolute shame of our once great country.
Never mind, the EU will come to our aid with offers of money to support the food banks. And they did! Hoorah! Our government in their twisted logic refuse the offer. Read that again I’ll put it in capitals.
We should all be baying for blood, their blood. What kind of public servants, for that’s what they are, refuse a hand out that is to help their country’s most needy: most hungry citizens.
I will tell you, the kind of public servant who is a psychopath. David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ian Duncan Smith all seem to fit the bill. In a fairer world these three would be dead and a few others besides. They have no compassion, they have no honour, they have no scruples. They are the very pit of humanity. They are abusing their position to help their rich friends get richer.
I find it incredible that the richest three hundred (300) people in the world have more money than the poorest 2 billion (2,000,000,000) people. Now add to that our Queen: Did you know that Aunty Liz owns 15% of all the land in the world, not just the UK, but – in -  the -  WORLD.
So any right minded person must ask WHY do we have food banks? Why are our people going hungry? Even that sweet old lady and her lizard family are hoarding money that could help put this country back on its feet, yet we ‘serfs’ who don’t earn enough to eat still pay her millions every year. Sorry but if she wants to be queen she should jolly well use her own money. She should be paying us to let her be queen. What f**ked up old lady lets tossers from ETON f**k up this country. She is not our Queen, she is just a queen. Nobody important at all!
Dear David you are failing millions of the people you are pledged to care for. You are as much good as a rotting cabbage. Get out!