Friday, 28 February 2014

CRT having a spot of bother.

A CRT day out going under Abbey Park Road. It is very shallow on that side.DSCF0435 Already struggling barely moving. They have a 72 foot flat on the front.

Unfortunately they get stuck…solid.

And then while trying to clear the prop the boat unfortunately sinks, however I watched as they took the weed hatch off and there was no indication that the water would come over the edge. Notice the flat in front is actually on the bottom not sunk but stuck on the bottom five feet from the edge.

But it did and down it went.

And even though the weed hatch is half a metre square they are going to pump it out with this. Thats only a 11/2” pipe! DSCF0451

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Leicester 2

Started work on the prop at 9.30 worked through till the RCR man turned up at 2.15 then we worked together. We finished at 5.30. We removed a bin liner full of crap. There is still more to come off. At least the prop shaft turns now.

This is about half of it:-

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


So here I am below Limekiln Lock Leicester. The canal is less than two feet deep which means any crap on the bottom will end up around your prop. Not only did I get a prop full but I got stuck in the middle of the canal. It was almost impossible to bow haul the boat to the edge. Mainly because it got shallower.

The hook on my boat pole fell off. This is my main means of getting crap off the prop. Fortunately the 'sea searcher' did a good job. I managed to get the boat to the other side of the bridge, where I tied to a hand rail. I set to clearing the prop.

Two hours later having removed a large quantity of bags, sacks and a jacket the engine still stalled because there was still so much stuff on the prop.


I hate Leicester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Moving On

So here I am on The Erewash Canal. I moored up near the railway bridge which is a good walk from the Guinness supply. I am here because the 48 hour moorings are still full of those people who have been waiting for the river to come off red.

The river came off red five days ago (that’s 120 hours) so you can probably understand I am a bit miffed that I could not moor on the 48s, but I suppose that is the difference between a real boater/CCer and piss taker.

Ho hum who am I to complain? I am the one who when stuck for seven weeks moved every 2/3 days. I am the one who at the first sign the river was passable cast off and MOVED 12 miles on the Soar, the Trent/Derwent and the T&M. Then three days later moved back on the River Trent/Derwent to the Erewash.

Mustn’t grumble!

And back again

The lock at Branston is closed until March 8th. Now I could go down there and wait, but that is another 13 days wasted and I am tired of just sitting and waiting so I have turned around and am heading back to Braunston. I can then go up the Coventry and enter Birmingham from Fazely junction

On the plus side I took my bilge pump out yesterday and cleaned it up. Pointless really because it doesn’t work so I bought another. I bought it at Miller Marine in Shardlow. Miller Marine were very helpful with other stuff I needed. Top people. If you go take a dog treat for the Lab he’s fab.

Currently moored on the Erewash Canal. For time to ft the bilge pump and do a couple of jobs I should have done in Loughborough and visit some friends.

Thursday, 20 February 2014


I have to wonder why people like MicroSoft insist on changing the way things work. (Imagine if Ford swapped the pedals around on the next model. You would have to relearn and that would not be easy.).  Just as you get used to the ‘new’ way they redesign it all and you have to learn again. The reasoning behind this is that the new system is easier to learn. I would argue if I have already learned the system then then new system only makes us work for no benefit.

I write this blog in Windows Live Writer in the past I have been able to open several instances of WLW and write several blog posts at the same time. Now I can only open it once. If I want to open a post for another blog I have to close the one I am writing. I know it doesn’t take long, once, but if I do this all the time it all builds up. All those extra unnecessary clicks.

And then there is the edit ribbon. Paragraphing, bold, Italics, Underline, Strikeout, bullet points, block  quotes, align, it’s all there, well, all except fonts and font size. That’s now in format, (two clicks away) It never used to be in format. Oh and the publish button isn’t in the same place either.

I get the impression that they employ the next unigrad and give him the program to ‘re-build’ He plays around with it without really understanding the user.

How many more times are we going to have to relearn that which we have already learned? What benefit is to be gained? I have been using one sort of word processor or other for about twenty five years. Its about time the system was sorted and a program produced that did not need changing. And if they have to change it you should be able to use the earlier version without being continually asked to ‘upgrade’. There can be no more functions that they need to add.  And if there were they could add them without changing that which everyone has spent many hours learning.

Most things that can be found in MicroSoft Word today were available in Word Perfect 5.1 (for DOS) twenty years ago. So what are they improving? What are they making easier? Isn’t it about time they simply called a halt to the changes. By all means make it ‘look’ different but I just don’t believe that every change they make, makes it easier. It’s just corporate bullshit.

Monday, 17 February 2014

This government….

…. must historically be the most despicable bunch of ne’er-do-wells ever.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


I have been very surprised by the response to my closing this blog. I have had a number of emails, PMs from CDF, phone calls, even my dear friend Bones has been receiving emails and calls. One person even asked “Don’t we get a say?” I had to answer no!  Yes I know this is very selfish.
Today I  spoke to Bones, we do this occasionally, I spoke about the river level mentioning the pictures I took of the weir. She said if the blog was still running I could put them on there so she could see them. She has a way of saying things!
Writing is a very difficult  discipline. It doesn’t take much for me to get distracted. There are many sayings about writing being 97% hard work and 3% inspiration, Nowadays it 97% trying not to see who is saying what on twitter, 3% just getting down to work.
I need to write and I need to write properly. To this end I am leaving the blog open but closed, if that makes any sense, because people seem to want it. I shall from time to time throw up a picture, but for the foreseeable future I don’t intend to continue as it was.

Sorry G4S……

….you need to do better than this!

Sunday, 9 February 2014


Any way I got to leave Abbey Park Road late in the afternoon. I bow hauled the boat into the lock because I didn't want to turn the propeller in that pound again. I exited the lock and cruised very slowly to the next lock where I encountered a total twat! This total twat to be exact,

DSCF0456 DSCF0457 DSCF0458 DSCF0459 DSCF0460 DSCF0461 So tempted to put my windlass through his screen!

The Sock Man


Saturday, 8 February 2014

Loughborough Basin

This was Loughborough basin before the development. Notice the position of the car park entrance on Canal Bank.0001 (74)
This next picture is the basin after the student block was built but before the Travelodge. Arrowed is the last ‘original’ building still standing which unfortunately is not in the previous picture. Services are under the blue building next to it. Why they need to put that kink in the edge we will never know, but it makes life difficult. Whilst the mooring area (where the pontoons are and the edge the winding boat is pointing at) is near water level, the facilities landing is at roof level. Because of this there are railings along that edge which makes mooring up difficult. When mooring there are chain openings in the railings. There is one near the corner close-ish to the exit of the basin and one right on the kink which places you about five feet away from the edge. Bad design! I don’t really see what was gained by doing this.0001 (73)You can see from the entrance to the car park, which is as the original, that the basin ends sooner to increase the size of the building plot for the Travelodge at the end. Just out of shot along the right hand edge is the ‘Rushes’ shopping centre which sports a rather large Tesco store. The bottom left corner, car park etc, is Sainsbury’s although that building right in the corner is now gone. The Derby Road going South-east ti the Rushes takes you into town.

Monday, 3 February 2014


I wonder if a law made for the sole benefit of the law makers is actually legal, I mean that's not why they are in the job is it?

I think me and David are going to fall out this year. Big time!