Monday, 18 August 2014


I often cringe at the chosen footwear boaters use on the waterways. It ranges from bare feet through plimsoles, crocs, wellingtons  to proper sturdy boots.

Notice I said Crocs! What will be the next fad?

Now I know the choice is yours, but the canals are akin to a building site (you cant get onto a building site without the correct footwear). Wearing inappropriate shoes can be fatal. No one drives a car with out a seat belt these days so why do people wear shit shoes when boating? What mentality says this is right?

It is just an accident waiting to happen! And trust me I know!



Naughty-Cal said...

Well Im not wearing my work rigger boots at the weekend thats for sure! Im on the boat for pleasure not work.

A nice comfy pair of flat plimsoles works just fine for me thanks.

Im interested as to what fatalities there have been due to "inappropriate" footwear. Perhaps you could enlighten us.

Anonymous said...

you must be bored! Chris (nb Ceiriog)

Anonymous said...

Maafi - you must get out more! Chris (nb Ceiriog)

Maffi said...

Funnily enough Rigger Boots are not acceptable on many sites.

Pleasure or not it is about safety!

Wozie nb Oakfield said...

Well I wear 'crocs' for most of the summer. They are fine when the ground is dry, when they are non slip.
If I didn't wear them I wouldn't be able to walk as far as I have to doing locks etc.
However, during the winter and wet weather I usually wear thick socks and laceup non-slip boots/shoes.
As you say it is very important to buy comfortable, non-slip,sensible footwear whilst boating.