Saturday, 30 August 2014

Honour or flim flam?



A Heron's View said...

DD a right twat

Jim said...

He's an idiot for joining UKIP but at least he had the honour to resign his seat and fight under his new colours.
Thank you Douglas and Goodbye!

Anonymous said...

TBH, I'm seriously considering marking my ballot paper 'None of the above' when the election comes as I cannot recall a bigger bunch of conjoined wazzox in every/any party since I've had the vote.
(My current MP was the one who decided eating kangaroo's bits was preferable to looking after thousands of people who had voted for her to be given that privilege!)


Maffi said...

She was and still is a particularly useless MP who is taking money under false pretences and the charitable donation she was supposed to make following her Jaunt in the Jungle was paltry to say the least.

DC should have fired he skankey ass.