Thursday, 14 August 2014

My alcohol consumption increases during the summer months. I don’t buy more Guinness , but more Guinness gets bought for me. Many friends visit Thrupp and we spend time catching up at the Boat Inn. Its good to meet up because up to now I spend my summers here, but would rather be out and about meeting people.

What is surprising is the number of ‘strangers’ who randomly approach me and introduce themselves saying ‘I read your blog’ or ‘are you the Maffi that Bones writes about in her column’ this usually precedes a pint being placed on the table in front of me. I find this flattering not because they read the blog, though that’s why I write it, but because they have taken the time to say hello and I know they have taken the time to find out which of the odd ball characters in Thrupp is me.

I appreciate every one of them and love this ‘celebrity’ or should that be notoriety that goes with being one of the longest serving boat bloggers in bloggerdom.

Last winter I wanted to give up. I have, after all, been doing it a long time. Often comments are hurtful although it does depend on my mental state how it affects me. It was certain comments on the blog that made me wonder ‘why do I fecking bother’, which of course led me to saying I was going to stop last winter. If you have been a long term reader you will know this has happened before. I am very fortunate my mental events are short lived and it only takes a phone call from Stoke on Trent or maybe Bones to remind me I miss writing the blog so hard luck I am still at it.


Wozie nb Oakfield said...

Glad you are still adding to your unique blog Maffi. I find it hard sometimes to be motivated to write our blog, but am always spurred on by a few readers who sometimes leave comlementary comments.
Glad you are enjoying your boozey summer over in Thrupp.

Dave,Beryl Bradshaw said...

And Still interesting in your own unique way long may you continue
Luv Beryl & Dave on the Weaver at the moment.

Henhouse said...

And long may you continue to write it I hope.

Martyn and Helen said...

Maffi, I am still reading your blog since 2007 when we moored up behind you on the Kennet and Avon, I can't remember exactly where, but there was a pub very near. I particularly remember your kindness in helping us on our way the next morning through a lock or bridge with a strong cross current. You are a credit to yourself and the boating community.

Maffi said...

Hello Martyn fancy you being here. I remember the K&A Woolhampton I think that was.

I managed to stop a boater getting killed there. Bit of a scarey moment that!

Wozie said...

You know there is always Guinness and a welcome on board Oakfield for you and Molly.