Saturday, 16 August 2014

Where is this?

It was a Portico built on to the constituency home of a prominent Tory politician.

You will be pleased to know it cost you the tax-payer £5,700. Bargain!


Alf said...

Oh, come on, do tell, which one !! ??

Mr Badger said...

I think it is a generic library shot not a picture of the actual portico in question. All that marble and carving would cost a lot more than £5,700! Tory MP David Davis claimed for a portico in 2006 and it was reported in 2009 by the Daily Telegraph. Davis claimed that his portico was a like for like replacement of a water damaged one. I was horrified by the MPs' expenses scandal at the time, and although it is now 2014 I'm sure it is no bad thing to be reminded of it.

Mr Badger said...

In fact the picture looks a lot like the facade of St Marks in Venice.