Thursday, 4 December 2014


….would anyone deface the post. This is just above RAVENS Lock in Berkhampstead. This particular post is at the top of the lock just after the lock mooring.

There has been some controversy there of late with one of the residents complaining about people trampling the flowers she has planted along the towpath side.

Well it’s a bit silly planting flowers where people are bound to walk while mooring up. Maybe the silly old biddy needs someone to ask her not to put flowers there.DSCF1993

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Graham said...


You clearly need to design a couple of new signs. One for "Plant no flowers here" and one for "Do not deface this post"

Or you could just design a single cover-all eventualities sign, "Beware low flying idiots operate in this area". The trouble with that one is that CR&T would need to spend their entire budget on them.