Monday, 1 December 2014

Word Processors

I have a 5000 word story. Its a good ’un. Equivalent to a Times Best Seller. Nearly 18,000 reads. I have spent the last 3 hours formatting the story for publication. No not editing but just getting the font right the layout right and a couple of small graphics in the right places. This should have taken half an hour max!

Why did it take so long. Well last year I decided to splash out on a new computer and at the same time I paid for the latest version of WORD. For me to pay for a program is unheard of but I thought just this once why not.

Well WORD 2013 is something else. Why when they bring out the new version is it so completely different from the previous one? 2013 doesn’t look like any other version, it doesn’t feel’ the same, all the features are shuffled around and not in places you are used to. In fact it is just like I had never used a word processor before. Simple tasks take an age to perform once I had worked out where stuff was. Drop down menus contained different commands the second time you opened then up. Some menus would dropdown and when you tried to select would close up again before you could select your option.

I wanted to put two text boxes in but slightly rotate them as if it was a hand written piece. With one it worked fine the other the box would turn but the text stayed still. Nothing I could do would make it rotate with the box as you can see below. In fact there was another small box that wouldn’t playpengrab I don’t know why MS have to so drastically change the programs around. It serves no useful purpose. People with their MS Cert will tell you it is easier for new users. I cant see it, but even so what about the millions upon millions of old users. Those of us who have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours learning these programs only to be told we have to do it all again.

I am not against modernising, but the whole point of windows is that you can go to any computer and work. At least they could have a ‘old’ version button like they used to have for Windows. I remember the old 80/20 rule. 80% of the users use 20% of the features yet MS don’t program this in. There is a reason why the ribbon says File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Tools, Windows, Help. Because we know what’s in there. The same reason why the close window button is/was always in the top right hand corner. You wire your brain to to the system. then they change it and you have to rewire it to the new system stress, Stress, STRESS for no reason other than the new Uni grad wants to fecking play.

Would it not make sense to have a new feature menu and you could tick those bits you think might be useful and forget the rest.

The program I write this on has gone through many morfs but every version they bring out changes something to how it was in a previous incarnation. Currently the font button is hidden inside a dialogue box. That’s two extra clicks. Well it was ok in the ribbon where it has spent many useful years. I know two clicks isn’t much but there are nearly 4000 posts on this blog an I have to change the font for every one of them. There is nowhere I can set the standard font I want 12. For some odd reason it is set at 9.8 a size that isnt even in the menu. The word count used to be in the bottom status bar, now its two clicks to open a dialogue box.

And have you noticed you cannot ask for the older version? You have to have what they say.

I feel quite sure the people who update these programs never have to use them or they would know how fecking pointless their lives are. After all how many more features does a word processor need.




Anonymous said...

Word 2013 is Word 2010 but with "context sensitive interactive menus". I've lost count of the number of friends 'n' family that have got me to switch it all off which leaves you with 2010, nothing more.
Not sure if you're aware but Microshafts license grants you the rights to earlier versions of the same product so if you have the media for Office 2010 you can quite legally install it.
I have to look after this rubbish professionally so it should not be surprising to know I run Linux/Open Office at home


Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention, you can get Open Office for Windows - open source, completely free for personal use


Maffi said...

I did 2010 at Uni didn't like that either. 2003 that's fab, I use quite a lot of it.

Tullynessle Turnip said...

Let's all go to Seattle and chase Bill Gates round the town with axes in our hands!

Anonymous said...

Let's all go to Seattle and chase Bill Gates round the town with axes in our hands!