Sunday, 27 December 2015

Accidental Rape?

This man Ehsan Abdulaziz, 46 Has many attributes. He is a Moslem, he is a millionaire, he is a rapist, but most important he is free!

He managed to fall onto a girl who was asleep on the settee in his home and accidentally penetrate her.

What is more absurd is the Jury after 30 minutes deliberation acquitted him. I wonder what the demographic of the jury was.

Money talks

Monday, 21 December 2015

Peter Hutchings nb FUTUREST

 I met Peter some years ago when he first got his boat FUTUREST. We would meet up in passing every once in a while. I last saw him on the K&A in the summer. It was only a week ago I passed his boat in Warwick. I did shout, but the deaf old sod didn’t hear. Peter was a real gent of the water. I wonder if he ever did finish his book.  RIP Peter!

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Dear David......

When you were elected it was because we the people thought you were the best man for the job. You made promises that we felt meant you had the people’s best interest at heart.

Do you remember, ‘The NHS is safe with me?’ No! Well let me tell you we do! You broke this promise, that’s your bad. If that was the only promise you broke that would be enough to fire your ass in any other job. You failed to bring criminals to justice and when those criminals laughed at us when we gave them £45 billion you laughed with them.

You close down our vital assets such as Air Sea Rescue, Fire Stations, A&E etc claiming there is no money then spend billions on the Queens Jubilee, The Olympics, HS2, and a whole host of other expensive projects which we can do without in these so called ‘austere’ times. Trust me we are not fooled.

There is not one entrepreneur that would make a penny without the work force yet you with your immigration policy have be driving down the wages of the poorest and the taxes of the richest. You have bought in a scheme of slavery under the guise of ‘Workfare’ whereby a company can fire a man for no real reason and your Gestapo can force him to go back and work for them for free! And all this time you and your cronies in the HoC have been awarded an 11% pay rise while it was your watch. Did you know an 11% pay rise for the poor would make little difference? 11% for you makes you richer, 11% for the public sector would just make them less poor. Our finest public sector workers get a measly 1%. 1% doesn’t even cover the increase cost of bus fares to get them to work.

The cost of living rises faster than good people can earn the money to pay for it. VAT and income tax drag my income down to 60% other taxes reduce it even further. All this despite your promises to the contrary.

IDS your chief Gestapo Officer is personally responsible for the death of thousands of our most vulnerable citizens. On this there can be no discussion. You are his boss that puts you in the dock too! You are ultimately responsible.

You have repeatedly lied, defrauded, and cheated the country, while while making sure your mates make millions from the public purse. You are no better than Mugabe, Kim sun il and a whole host of other despots in the world. And you refuse to take responsibility for you fraudulent action. You allow your colleagues to cheat on their expenses and treat it as if it were nothing yet the average expenses fraud is £2000.

You pillory benefit fraud yet the average benefit 'fraud' is only £59. And still those who bought this nation to its knees escape punishment.

Your government is rotten to the core. Not fit for purpose. Can this be the reason you fixed the recall bill? In a democracy it is absolutely preposterous that the voters cannot fire their representative when they FAIL at their job or cheat and steal.

We, yes we, are your employers. We pay your salary yet you treat us as if we were something you stepped in.

You are totally shameless unbelievably snobby to those who you owe so much and have been elevated to a level far above your merit.

Some years ago I had the good fortune to dine with Osama bin Laden. Despite his notoriety I would still rather dine with him again than with you and the human excrement that you call government. His commitment to his people, to his religion, far out strips yours. You are a political pigmy by comparison. One thing you can say about OBL is that despite his ideology he never once told a lie. Can you say that about yourself? I don’t think so! You cannot tell the truth if your son’s lives depended on it.

I find it ironic that that some son’s lives do depend on the truth, a truth you are unable to face. Your spin machine is doing you no favours. You do not look great to the nation, to the EU or to the world. We, well you, are a laughing stock. A spoilt public school brat. You have nothing to offer us. Your ‘call me Dave’ is crass. You are not a man of the people. You never were, you never will be. The closest you will come to it is if you surround yourself with good, down to earth people. People who can live in London on 40 quid a week not those who spend £39 of our money on a toilet roll holder. Surround yourself with people who understand that a Poundland toilet brush does the same job as a 50 quid one from Harrods. Surround yourself with people who have had to decide to heat or eat. The greedy money grabbing bastards you currently surround your self with have no idea the barrel has a bottom. They certainly don’t know why we voted for them and very few have had to live with real hardship.

There is one thing a politician needs to be able to say at the end of their term in office. “I made a positive difference to the lives of those who put their faith in me, those most in need”

You have managed to destroy belittle, and even kill. You have taken this once great nation and broken it. You broke the spirit that broke the Germans. Well done you! You have done this for selfish reasons. To make money for yourself and your friends. You have done this to perpetuate the evil of a class system built on the blood, sweat, and tears of the ordinary people. No rich man ever got rich without the cooperation of the working man. No mine owner ever dug one shovelful of coal. No rich man ever made a candle. No rich man ever took breath with out the help of the working man. No rich man ever got rich without ordinary people.

We live in a democracy one man one vote and yet you take bribes in return for honours. You award contracts to those who only want to screw the crap out of this country. You are no better than the Krays. You are lower than a snake’s belly. You are a criminal, a fraudster a conman. I try to like even the mot unlikeable people, but in your case I will make an exception you are not a likeable person. I hope you die a horrible death in lots of pain. I am only sorry that at 65 I will not be around to enjoy your demise.

If you have read this far, which I doubt, you will know I am a grumpy man. Understand this there are millions of us who would happily press the button that would terminate your life. in unbelievable pain and terror.

Your only salvation is to resign. Don’t draw out your evil reign any longer than necessary. You have proved to be an incompetent of immense proportions.

That you and your cronies can laugh when millions are using food banks is a disgrace. You must be the most hated man in the country next to IDS. I wish you no good fortune other than I hope no one ever shoots you because a bullet would be too quick and you really need to suffer.

The last five years need never have happened. You, yes you, chose to persecute our weakest members. You are one despicable being I will not say human because you are certainly not that.

Here’s hoping you die a despicable death and the rest of your family to. The sins of the father shall be visited on the sons, one down. It has begun. Will you sacrifice them all for your vanity? Probably.

David let our people go. You have the power to make Britain work. Wake up. Your time is nigh. RESIGN!!!

(I would press the button, would you?)

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Geetur Player!

I found this on Bones’ blog. One of the better pictures of me. I just look so coooool!IMGP1152

Thank you Bones

Friday, 4 December 2015


What a lovely man that Mark Zuckerberg is, following the birth of his daughter, saying he is giving 99% of his $45 billion fortune to charity.

And if you believe that you really are STUPID!

He is taking his money out of one pocket and putting it in another one in the same pair of trousers. He is not giving any more to charity than he was before the birth.

Full story here

Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Anchor Inn, High Offley

Copied from Canal World

Anchor Inn The e-canalmapp App for the Midlands has this pub erroneously listed as 'CLOSED'. Consequently she has seen a big decline in customers this year, including (importantly) campers who used to bring their caravans and tents in the summer.

The Anchor Inn is NOT CLOSED! I told Olive that I'd ask you guys to take note and spread the word, if you know anyone who is remotely interested. Olive is attempting to have the app corrected, but so far after 3 months of reporting the issue, it still lists it as closed.

Winter opening hours are weekends only, Friday and Saturday evenings from 1900-2300 (often later!) plus Saturday and Sunday lunchtimes from 1200-1430 (often later!). Note: Closed on Sunday evenings.

Summer hours increase to weekday opening, both at lunchtime AND evenings.

Please help by passing this info onwards.

Those who complain of the pub hardly ever being open simply don't know her opening hours. They are regular and consistent, as listed above. She HAS been know to close early, but only if there's no customers.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Climate Change

There is something bothering me about this Climate Change thing. We are told that melting ice at the poles will cause sea levels to rise and flood the lowlands. There are all manner of charts and graphs to demonstrate this.

I set to wondering about the problem and started by looking at this picture.
iceglass2 I cant vouch for the validity of this picture but you get the idea. That is one big chunk of ice and when it melts it will end up as a whole big puddle of water, but how much?

The North polar Ice Cap covers about 1.71 million km² and contains about 2.6 million km³ of ice. Ice is approximately 8.3 % less dense than water. The density of ice is 0.9167 g/cm3 at 0 °C, whereas water has a density of 0.9998 g/cm³ at the same temperature. When water freezes, it increases in volume (about 9% for freshwater).  So if it melts will there be 2.6 million km³ of water added to the seas. No! There will only be 2.34 million km³  of water. 260,000 km³  less and that 2.34 million km³ will fill the space the ice filled under the water.

So when this lump of ice melts its volume will be roughly 9% less than it is currently. This is where I am having trouble. If water increases in volume when it turns to ice, then it reduces in volume when it changes from ice to its liquid state. So it will be roughly 10% smaller. That is about the same amount of ice that is above the sea in my picture.
image OK so we can do a small experiment to demonstrate this. Take a glass and fill it with ice cubes, then fill the glass with water. It should look something like this:-


Now leave it until all the ice has melted and you will find that there is space in the top of the glass. So if there is less water than the water & ice we started with, where will the flooding come from when the ice caps melt?

I know someone with more knowledge than me will come along and debunk this, but hey, I’m just thinking out loud.

It is however worth reading up and below is a list of books that may be of interest. Please remember that  some of the people and organisations who wrote these volumes are paid research grants by Governments to justify Climate Change Taxes. What you have to decide is would they lie to keep themselves in lucrative employment?

A number of top scientists have left the program in the last few years because they doubt the validity of their research.

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Parnell, Brid-Aine. "New Horizons Probe Snaps Possible Polar Ice Cap On Pluto". Forbes. Retrieved 2015-05-20.

PS Did you spot “Polar ice is melting more faster than predicted.”

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Government Cover Up

Davidkelly You may remember Dr David Kelly, the government advisor on WMDs, who died suddenly back in 2003. The Hutton Report conducted by none other than Lord Hutton concluded that Kelly took his own life. But there was doubt about the findings of the report and it was challenged by one Dr Michael Powers QC who claimed a cover up.

Of course the Government denies any wrong doing in the case. It come as no surprise to me that the post mortem results and undisclosed evidence has been locked away for 70 years.

A letter disclosing the 70-year restriction was written by Nick Graham, assistant head of legal and democratic services at Oxfordshire Council.

It states: ‘Lord Hutton made a request for the records provided to the inquiry, not produced in evidence, to be closed for 30 years, and that medical (including post-mortem) reports and photographs be closed for 70 years.’

EDIT: More to the point if it was that important why wasn’t it used as evidence in the hearing?

Quite harsh for a ‘simple’ suicide don’t you think?  There can only be one reason why the powers that be want to keep the photos secret for seventy years and that is probably because they show the bullet hole in the back of the good Doctors head. One can only surmise Lord Hutton has his price!

Don’t tell me the government had nothing to do with the death of David Kelly I just don’t believe it. If the Government of the day and currently have had no input to the findings of the Hutton report why is there a need to lock it all away? By the time these records are released for public scrutiny all the main guilty bastards er sorry main players will all be dead and unable to be bought to trial. What a bunch of dry gulchers we have in office.

RIP Dr  Kelly your time will come.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

A body is announced!

I have been in and around Birmingham for a couple of weeks. The notable presence in the area is the police. On  Friday the 20th of November Inderjit Bhogal  41, described as Asian 6 ft tall left the Brasshouse pub near Brindley Square at about 10.45pm. He was later seen on CCTV near the canal. I don’t suppose for one minute he thought he was taking his last walk. The police and divers have been searching the canal and the local area ever since. Today 29/11 about mid-day his body was pulled out of the canal near Sheepcote Road Bridge. A tragic end to my short story!


What is amazing is that the body was lain just under the bridge for a couple hours before they could get a coroner and a vehicle to the scene to pronounce him dead and take him away. Whilst waiting 10 officers, of varying ranks were involved in ‘protecting’ the corpse and stopping the public from using that part of the tow path. I cannot believe that no vehicle was available. They could have gone to the nearest vehicle hire base and got suitable transport for a lot less than the cost of 10 officers for 2/3 hours.



Saturday, 28 November 2015

Thursday, 26 November 2015

I was gonna be a star

In another life I was a singer, not famous but quite good. I started singing at school when I was about 6 and never stopped. The head mistress Mrs Jessica Horsbourgh insisted I sang a solo in the school play, I was good. And every time we got a visitor to the school I had to stand up and do my piece, it used to embarrass the hell out of me.
I then progressed on to doing backing with a small rock band when I was 17. Mainly because I couldn't play the guitar. We/they were called Program. If I recall correctly we did one gig, but we practised a lot! I did the art work for our first album cover. Shame we never got a contract it was a good cover.
Then I did nothing until I got my second divorce (39), when I took up playing the guitar that I had owned for some time, to avoid becoming a couch potato. After I had learned my first song I thought 'I can do that' and set about writing. I didn't stop for about ten years.

I did my first solo gig at the Bulls Head in Aston Clinton one year after I started learning to play.

While I was learning I was a member of the local church and did my early gigs there on Sundays. I was a founder member of,
There were 7 of us, we would sing in church nearly every week much to the disdain of some of the choir. Until, that is, we started singing my compositions.
There was Margret & Steve Pay (both Lay preachers) Richie & Roz Palmer (he was an airframe fitter) Brian Ludlow (doctor) and me (lecky) & Sandra White (nurse). We played a few gigs out at other churches and shows etc. Brian's wife, Lady Margret Ludlow, was too busy bringing up the children, of which, they had a few.
After that I was moved to Wiltshire, funnily enough Richie lived there too, and we formed Old Frendz . We only did two gigs and split, but we had fun rehearsing. I still make a point of visiting Ritchie and Roz when I go home. Alas, sadly, I have lost touch with the others. Happy days.
I still own 4 guitars and I still sing and play, but only on my front porch. I write a lot, but not lyrics. Seem to have lost the touch. In my hey day I could write two songs a day.
OK it ain't over till the Fat Man sings.

PS Hard to believe with that hair, I was a Sergeant in the RAF. I still have more hair than is decent for a man of my age.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Its a brothel not a club

Conservative Minister Robert Helford MP had a six month affair with a very nice bit of totty. They met at his ‘club’. He was filmed leaving the ‘club’ with said totty. This led to his embarrassment when it was discovered that he had claimed 30,000 pounds of our hard earned taxes for his membership fees to this high class brothel. Why are we paying for this?

Robert Halfon, who was cheating on his life partner, said the most important thing to him was ‘to repair my relationship with my partner’.

No Robert you fucked up. You deceived your life partner and you stole from people who are not able to afford it. You are a crook and should go to jail. You are typical of the corrupt regime that think we will turn a blind eye to you thieving, immoral bastards in the House of Commons.


Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Phyllis May

This is the boat that went all the way from Stone to Carcassonne and down Indian River. She was burned out a couple of years ago and  and a replacement was sought buy he owner Terry Darlington. She is now back to her former glory.
DSCF4804  DSCF4806

Thursday, 19 November 2015

On the Shroppie


1000 words of lies.

You wouldn’t believe the furore raised by a simple cartoon in the Daily Mail. Had it stayed in the Mail no one would have thought any more of it, but  Kerry-Anne Mendosa the chief editor at The Canary decided to make a big deal out of it and wound up the proles for miles around. Her article starts with this headline

“The Daily Mail has sunk to an all-time low with this despicable response to the Paris attacks”.

Hardly objective. This of course sets the people who are going to read it into an emotional storm from which most will never recover. I should point out it would seem the readership are a regiment of PC Nazis! They will automatically be looking to be down on the Mail.

Mendoza follows that with another negative:-


At this point she could have shown a picture of Noddy and the PC Nazis would have spat out the anti-racist venom that appeared in the comments column. The cartoon is not a statement of what should happen, but what is happening. The Proles failed to see this!

This is the cartoon:-


The premise of Mendosa is that it is a racist piece of junk and should be banned or the cartoonist should be charged with hate crimes. Her point is that it depicts all Syrians as rats.

The way I see it there are three groups in this cartoon. There are Syrian refugees, there are suspect element (in shadow) and there are the rats. I’m not sure what the guy on the right is there for. It is my contention that the rats may represent other nationalities who are taking advantage of the Syrian situation. All three groups are being allowed IN.

Mendosa then goes on to compare the cartoon to a German cartoon from the 30s/40s. Well that was lighting the blue touch paper. The Proles went fecking ballistic.

In the German cartoon the Jews are all being kept OUT. The similarity I see is that both cartoons are graphically depicting what is/was happening and not what they want/ed to happen. You will, however, notice that all the Jews have been represented as rats unlike the other photo where rats do not appear to look like any ‘race’ in particular.

This is the German cartoon:-


What is most sad is that during my attempt to put across my point of view I was called a leftie, a rightie, a liberal, a fascist, a wanker, a pedo, (I dont get that one) a fifth columnist. While I was quite ready to try to see their point of view, which I couldn’t because there was no real objectivity just lots of missed placed emotion, not one was prepared to even consider what I said. Now I might be wrong I don’t know but I feel  sure that Mx Mendoza wrote this piece with the intention of raising Cain and she succeeded. To me she appears to be no better than the SUN or the mail. Certainly not a credible journo.

I would email Mendoza,  but couldn’t find and email addy on the site.

Come on tell me I am wrong!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


That’s a lot of money. It’s a lot of money for just about everyone unless you are a squillionaire or an MEP! Our MEPs receive €96,246.36 (£78,000) a year for a job that many of us would do for half the price. £78,000 thats about three times the national average!

Plus the EU contribution into his non-contributory pension is equal to 3.5% of his salary. We pay that! €3368.62 per year. That’s €16843.11 for the 5 year term.

All of their airfares are paid when travelling within the EUs 28 member states. FIRST CLASS!

There is an extra travel allowance up to €4,243 for trips outside of the EU on whatever official business.

MEPs are given a €304 a day "subsistence" allowance for when they're on official business. If that is only 100 days a year it totals €30,400

Add to this an MEP is allowed to claim back two thirds of all medical bills. Viagra is included on that.

MEPs can claim up to €4,299 a month to fund such things as phone bills and computers. €51,588

All MEPs seem to have a hoard of flunkies and to help them pay for that they can claim up to €21,209 a month for staffing costs. That’s €254.508 pa

And of course when the gravy train stops they will get £39,000 to ease them back into the ‘real world”.

This so the expenses can all add up to £623,067.38.

Shit I’d do it for a lot less than that.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

And again, Give up!

I see once again marina bound myopia has been switched on. Mr Gary Edwards says in  the November edition of Canal Boat Magazine that the solution to the CCer ‘problem’ is to have a higher licence fee. "Why not introduce a continuous cruiser license fee? It would seem legitimate to me that those who are continuously cruising the system would cause more maintenance and, therefore, thier use of the system should cost them more in license fees.”

“Perhaps the extra fees would be similar to the cost of a permanent mooring; this may encourage more continuous cruisers to find an approved mooring"

Now I remember this being put forward in 2004/5. The proposal then was to increase the CCer licence to 247% of the ‘normal’ licence. I and others fought very hard writing to all and sundry to stop this preposterous proposition. Now 10 years later Mr Gary Edwards drags it all up again. Does he think we have nothing better to do with our time then to fight this battle all over again? There is no CCer problem. The problem exists in the marinas. People who park up for most of the year in a horizontal block of flats. People who don’t put anything into the system. People who will call CRT to fix something they could fix themselves. People who spend their lives polishing a possession instead of getting out there and using it.

I wonder how many trees Mr Edwards has reported down. More to the point I wonder how many he has helped to remove. How many shopping trolleys has he removed from the cut? Has he ever picked up a discarded porta potti. When he moors up does he ever pick up the litter near his mooring, probably not. When he goes down the weed hatch does he take the propfoul with him or does he just discard it on the towpath like most marina myopics do. When was the last time he did something that needed doing because it seemed like a good thing to do rather than leave it to someone else because “it’s not my job.”

Apart from regular tools I have a long pole net, shears, loppers pruning cutters, pruning saw, log saw, spade, broom, litter pickers and all are used regularly. I have lost count of the times I have called CRT to report a problem and I will stay to help if I can. Shopping trolleys 3 or 4 a year, about 60 cones in 5 years and I average about three tons of rubbish every year, not to mention the 8 porta potties I have collected since 2011. My second step houses some big spanners so I can tighten and adjust mechanisms if required. I trim back over hanging trees and bushes, clear by-washes if I can.

Let me ask Mr ‘problem’ what he is prepared to pay me and others like me to keep the canals clear so he can enjoy his two weeks and odd weekends. Personally I think I am worth £20k a year plus expenses (I pay for all my tools and bin bags myself). However if I was to be paid it would be by an increase in HIS licence fee! I think CRT & MR Edwards are getting good value from my licence fee. “Me, me, me, me, me,” that’s all Mr Myopia is saying. “I want, I want, I want;” well let me tell you, you can’t have it!

My income is not great, adequate would best describe it. However 80% of my income goes into the the waterway economy, other CCers do similar. Does Mr Edwards think that all the pub and shops would survive if that money wasn’t put into the local economy? Some might but many wouldn’t.

Understand this Mr Myopia we all pay the same price for the same access to the same system. It is not us that are using it more, but you who are using it less. Campaign for lower fees for marina moorers and see how far you get, just leave us out of it. If all boating means to you is trying to screw up other boaters then you need to find something productive to do with your time, I understand ISIS are recruiting!

I will never be encouraged to be in a marina. I don't want to be stuck in a marina. I bought my boat to travel. I can do precious little travelling in a marina. So why would I pay for a permanent mooring if I was never going to use it. The CCer is a legal entity laid down in the 1995 Act. By all means campaign to change the law, but be careful what you wish for. The new law may well be nothing like you want.

You have to be a boater….

….to understand what a lash up this is. Engineering of this standard is just not acceptable!


Monday, 16 November 2015

A Heron….

….doing what herons do!

DSCF4985 DSCF4986

DSCF49891 DSCF49911 DSCF49923 DSCF49931 DSCF49941 DSCF49951 DSCF49961 DSCF49971 DSCF49981 DSCF49991  DSCF50011 DSCF50021 DSCF50031 DSCF50041  DSCF50051 DSCF50061


It’s a shame that the Diwali Festival Of Light isnt a Festival of Anti Litter. On a canal path near you!


Sunday, 15 November 2015


Some times when one is clearing the detritus of other peoples sordid lives you come across odd things in the water. I have lost count of the condoms I have seen and pairs of knickers I have disposed of. Tops jackets and jumpers trousers abound, but like everyone else often around the propeller.

I have collected about 10 full cans of beer, spoons, glasses, cups, a dog lead - two in fact! I have rescued various dolls from a watery grave and copious quantities of jewellery (some worth weighing in). Thousands of bottles, and cans likewise.

The most obnoxious are the 8 porta potties I have bagged and stored on the roof while waiting for somewhere to properly dispose of them. there was one that was absolutely full to the brim that I didn’t move, rather called CRT to tell them where it was. The next time I passed it had gone, but I was surprised however, to see that the two tyres and the bin bag of domestic rubbish that it sat on where still there, but not now.

A dozen or more shopping trolleys have travelled on my roof to the nearest store for disposal point. (Tesco in Loughborourgh must have had apoplexy when I left a very old, rusty well soaked specimen of dereliction in the trolley park)

In Leicester I retrieved 7 traffic cones which brings my total to about 60. At Nuneaton I dragged a full wheelie bin out of the water. On The Shroppie last month I found a full length of planed 3 x 2, this will do duty as a stand for Molly’s roof top basket.

But the most interesting and amusing thing I found was this:-
It is a tea light holder.

Saturday, 14 November 2015


Today I received this from 38 degrees

“It’s scary. Scary because people were enjoying their Friday nights and then worlds were turned upside down. Scary because people might react in the wrong way...And it’s so, so sad.” -
                                Laura, 38 Degrees member.

I would like to know what is the wrong way to react to an attack of this nature. These barmpots will have us rolling over and surrendering.



Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Fly tipping

There is a nice little basin along from my mooring at St Vincent Street Bridge. You could probably get half a dozen boats in there without too much trouble. Here is a  map.
mapThe red cross indicates where I found this pile garbage.DSCF4848

I know it wasn’t there yesterday. This is a shame because it is a nice little basin and useable


Needless to say it has been reported.