Friday, 30 January 2015


I have just bought today a new DAB/FM radio. The sound quality is fantastic. 100 times better than my usual 10 quid analogue boxes. And I don't have to prop it up in the window.

Get off your phone!

I have been in Atherstone for a few days. Up until now I have seen four people driving whilst using their phone. One of whom I was able to tell from the pavement to get off his phone. But this evening No 5 took the biscuit. A girl driving X723FLB had just pulled out of a driveway turning right across the road onto the bridge over the canal where I was walking, there was no pavement. I gesticulated and shouted to get off the phone. She gobbed off back at me so as she passed  I slapped the back of her car. This of course was designed to get her to stop so I could get her number, I wasn’t wearing my glasses.

Of course I was in the wrong in her eyes, I touched her car! She insisted I was in no danger, which all criminals would say wouldn’t they. After I called her all the bitches under the sun she eventually drove off.

Now I am sure we all sighed a breath of relief when a law was introduced to outlaw using a mobile phone whilst driving a car didn’t we? Well it is an empty law. If you are involved in an RTI whilst you are using your phone you can get nicked. If a police Officer sees you on the phone while you are driving then he can give you a ticket and you get three points on your licence. However if a member of the public reports someone for using a phone while they are driving there is nothing they can do. Now in Atherstone there is no Police Station. The nearest is in Nuneaton 5 miles away. How are they going to see someone driving and using the phone from 5 miles away!

I think next time I slap a car I might just take a dive.


My radio is broken so I try to get Radio 4 on the laptop. Selecting ‘Play Live’ the page changes and tells me I need to install Flash Player. I select ‘Install’, Another screen tells me I already have Flash Player installed on my laptop in the latest version of IE, but I can test it if I wish. I select the first test it says you need to install Flash Player. I click the second test it tells me I don’t need to install Flash player and it is working OK. I go back to Radio 4. Selecting ‘Play Live’ the page changes and tells me I need to install Flash Player.

I got my first computer 25 years ago. It was a 386. It had Windows 3 installed. And whatever the latest DOS version was. Now 25 years later one would have thought MicroSoft would have got it right, but no even now MicroSoft cannot write a proper OS program. The word is that Windows 10 is going to be the best ever. That may well be, but it will still be crap. It will be as crap as a crappy thing on CRAP DAY in Crapville, in the US of CRAP. I think I might try UBUNTU. One thing MicroSoft should have learned in all this is ‘You can’t polish a turd’, but give them credit they’re still trying.

Nite all.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Oooo Look Milly M in a marina.


Oh really!

There are a few of these signs at Alvecote along the towpath. I only have one question:- Hundreds of dogs every year crap on the towpath and their owners don’t pick up, why are CRT picking on the odd chap or chapess who would rather pee in the hedge than piss in their pants (there are no toilets and when you have to go, you have to go).


Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Qur’an knows no bounds.

I heard a good one today from Ibrahim, a Moslem, in Palestine. His family are well.

The Hijab is to protect women and also men.

“Men! From what?” I asked.

“From seeing a woman’s body”, he said.

Well I am glad he made that point I can sleep now.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Ballpoint Pen Story

Edit Hurrah the link to this story has been restored


The link to my short story is defunct at this time. You can read the story at this place, but you cannot download it, Sorry!



You can trust a politician every time he opens his mouth, to tell the people what they really want, to be telling a lie.  A politicians primary purpose is self first. If he is not getting something out of it now, he will!

The only known decent man in the house is Dennis Skinner, who takes the average wage of his constituents from his Parliamentry salary and donates the rest to charity, Jolly decent chap.

I see another Kinnock is joining the fold. Son of bald ginger twat and his sponging missus.

Question: How will this son of privilege ever understand the people he wants to represent. Answer: he never will he doesn’t want to represent them he just wants the money!

The Kinnocks are a family of benefit scroungers.  Kinnock senior Is a failed party leader. His wife has taken more out of the EU purse than her husband (millions) and the son has been on the band wagon since birth!

Keep it in the family cant go wrong!

Sunny day from Alrewas

This morning I walked the dog. I set off before lunch. At Fradley lock I met John and Louise from nb PLODDIN’ ALONG. They locked me through. Very pleasant to meet them. I made my way to Wittington where I moored just before Whittington Bridge. I didn't realise it was only 2.30 or I would have gone on to Hopwas or Fazely. Never mind tomorrow I will stop at Avelcote and that should set me up for somewhere around about Grendon for Monday.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Not really a good icon



When giving someone a hug can violate your law, go up the mountain and get some new laws yours are broke #Sharia …

Of course there is a very good reason to stop young girls from hugging young boys. Can you guess what it is?

Thursday, 22 January 2015


I thought my ash pan door was feeling a bit 'loose', on further inspection I found there wasn't a scrap of rope in it (this is very odd because I replaced the rope when Alex did my chimney last summer). No wonder I was having trouble controlling the fire. Luckily I had a spare piece which just slotted straight in place with a 1/4 inch to spare.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

This evening……

…..I moored in Barton Turns Marina. Now there's as surprise. I thought to take advantage of an 'electric' mooring to do my washing and of course to socialise with friends Christine and Richie Adams. Tempted to stay another day but need to be in Atherston Wednesday.


Some fecking moron thought it might be a good idea to untie my boat last night. I awoke this morning along side the boat opposite. Minus a piling hook. Stupid little shits.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Today’s little jaunt!

This evening I moored at Horninglow Burton on Trent. Now why I came here is a mystery to me. I set out for a short hop to Alrewas. My thinking was that I could catch a bus to the National Memorial Arboretum. But when I arrived in Alrewas I just kept going and here I am.


Reference last post. An interesting site

Saturday, 17 January 2015


What crap are our leaders selling us?

Sandy Hook

The EU what?

The EU is considering banning Islamaphobia. Not one of their best plans. In fact not a good plan at all. Stopping people from having and voicing an opinion on Islam will allow Islam to do as they please without recourse to any checks and balances.

I fail to see why, if Islam is so good, that the 50 or so Islamic Republics around the world are so fucked up. They are the most repressed people in the world, live in conditions we would never tolerate and are subject to corporal and capital punishment on a whim.

If People want an Islamic way of life it is there for the taking all they have to do is relocate to an Islamic Republic, but they wont because the life in IRs is shit! People like Anjem Choudary would just be an ordinary little nobody were he in an IR. The freedom of speech which he exercises here, whilst renouncing free speech for Moslems, would be barred to him elsewhere.

Ban Islamaphobia? Well the easiest way to do that is to ban Islam. No Islam, no Islamaphobia!

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Pakistan response to Charlie Hebdo

There are two good reasons why these people behave like this 1 their lives are empty 2 Others are driving them to this for a higher political purpose.24B8C58000000578-2911717-image-m-12_1421335429374 They talk such shit.


Monday, 12 January 2015


I recieved an email today from the FBI yep thats right the FBI, ho ho ho.

It said,


This e-mail, including any attachments, is covered by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 10 U.S.C. 2510-2521


That is all no attachments nothing. Ya have to larf!

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Off with his head!

Anjem Choudary that loveble moslem cleric-cum-traitor says, “Moslems do not believe in Free Speech.” I am glad he has cleared that up!

Does anyone else find it hypocritical that he spends his time exercising a right he does not believe in?

In his Sharia world he would have to keep his mouth shut or, because of the insult to Islam, be beheaded.

Gets my vote! Talk on Anjem.

I bet he will be the first to complain when he is on his knees with a sword falling on his neck, but then the servant of the devil always shouts loudest.

Moslems again

2000 Nigerians slaughtered for praying in the wrong direction.


I think this is clearly a case of get another god yours is broken.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Lets understand something…..

Edit:- Its not looking good for him!

Ched Evans found guilty of rape. Why? Is he guilty? According to the police,

The police arrested both Ched and Clayton at the station, they acknowledged that the only evidence that sexual activity had taken place was their admission. There was no complaint of rape, no forensic evidence, no injury and no complaint.

So why the feck did this case go to court? Why the feck did this chap do time ? Why the feck is he being pilloried now? Why did the other chap get off?

There is every possibility that Ched Evans is innocent of the charges against him. I am not a rape apologist. If he is guilty feck him, but is he guilty? The ‘lady’ in the case has no recollection of having sex with anyone. How the feck can he be guilty?

You can bet if and when this all comes out that he is innocent I will be here shouting at all the naysayers that have condemned him. And I will shout LOUD!!!


Edit:- Its not looking good for him!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Monday, 5 January 2015

Why Oh why Oh why

Imagine, if you will, you are a child, a very cute child. You have a very loving family and you are the happiest child. One day some people come to your home and take you away from your family. They take you to a country that is nothing like your home. They put you in a concrete compound on your own and people come to oggle at you. You don’t speak their language. You miss your mum! You’re sad.Af_elephant__Circo_Marin__Italy_092014__86_

Bereft and alone Baby stands on tarmac

There are 40 elephants in Europe to whom this has happened. They live in zoos and circuses There is little or no chance they will ever be repatriated.

Our friend Will Travers wants to build a sanctuary to get them all together to live out their lives in peace.


Please visit the Born Free Foundation for more information.

If you feel you can help please do.

The donation system is a bit like buying online but understandable.