Friday, 27 February 2015

Royal Bank of Scotland

Can you believe the Royal Bank of Scotland (the one we all own) is paying out £588m in bonuses to its staff despite suffering £8.24bn loss. I don't recall being invited to a shareholders meeting to vote on this decision.

CEO Ross McEwan said "I need to pay these people fairly in the marketplace to do the job."

Well you will excuse me for being cynical, but a fair salary for a group of people who lose £8,24bn is zero! You do not pay incompetents good money. More especially when they fuck up you don’t give them a bonus. They have no incentive to get it right.

The size of the bank's bonus pool fell 18% from last year (I am heart broken), but the RBS chief executive, Ross McEwan, acknowledged that the issue was "highly emotional" as he explained the multimillion pound windfall at the taxpayer-owned institution.


I bet its emotional, ‘laughter’ all the way to the bank I should imagine. “If you don’t pay these people they will leave and go elsewhere.” he says. I wonder why they think any other bank would want their sorry asses. Let them go Ross they aint worth an insurance stamp between ‘em.

I think Ross McEwan is wrong. What he needs to do is make these people earn their money. He is the CEO, he is the responsible man. He gets paid squillions. About time he earned it. Those that can’t  make money he should fire their ass. Those that cant make much money he should cut their salaries.Why is it that we all have to live in the ‘market economy’, well all that is except the bankers! Why are they exempt?

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Cauldon Canal

Well today I set off to explore the Cauldon Canal for a few days. I stopped at the services to unload the boat full of trash I was towing. There was a lot of stuff in there including the trash I have collected since I came back from Harecastle.

Paul, a boater pal from Stoke, came by to help. Up the first two locks (staircase pair) no leaks in the middle gate. On to the third. That's an odd one. Why did they build it with no straight line access into the lock? Before we got to Hanley Park we came across a work boat. They told us the canal was closed at Stockton a few miles up the canal. Oh! So we carried onto bridge 12 to the only turning point on that stretch and came back. Bridge 9 is a bit low and almost cleared my roof off, twice! Something very noticeable about the Cauldon is its similarity to a muddy country track. The experience was akin to running through puddles. What ever the problem is, not enough water or to much bottom, CRT have to get it sorted. I am only two foot in the water and struggled most of the short trip we had. I think it must be the bottom. If you put more water in boats would never get under Bridge 9.

So I am back outside the Toby again. I had a couple of beers with Paul in the pub where we discussed, of all people, my mate Norman Bate. Yes you know Norman! He’s the guy that hates CCers because they overstay on visitor moorings, a practice he likes to reserve for himself. He is actively trying to get CCers banned. Yeah you got him that’s the arsehole. Norman apparently told Paul that the would never find anywhere to moor in London. This is an odd thing for Norman to say because the last time he was there (2013) not only did he get a prime mooring in London he overstayed on it. Norman is a member of that elite band of boaters that are allowed to overstay, he knows a director on the board of the CRT don’t you know, even has dinner with him, and of course he is a member of the IWA!

I think I will go back to Stone tomorrow to do my washing and come back on Fri/Sat for lunch with family.

Thanks for your help Paul.

Monday, 23 February 2015

This is from the CRT website

If we know or there is reasonable likelihood that a boat is being used as a person’s home, then we do not simply serve notices under Section 8 and Section 13 of the British Waterways Acts 1983 and 1971, respectively, and remove the boat from our waterways.  Instead we rather engage in correspondence with the boat owners before then proceeding to serve the statutory notices, which will then not be enforced without the prior sanction of the court.  We therefore ask the courts to decide on individual cases and these cases proceed to court unless a prior agreement is reached with the boat owner(s).

Sunday, 22 February 2015


There is a petition on the net at the moment entitled

Boats Are Homes! Prevent the Eviction of Boat Dwellers.

I haven’t signed it neither will I. I think we should all be very careful and read it carefully before we decide to sign it. It is misleading and I believe the result is being controlled. Here are two screen shots off my computer. I have placed comments on the site, but you will see from the two pictures that they are different. If you look at the tabs at the top of the screen you will see that I have two different instances of this petition open.

This first pic contains three remarks that I made yesterday and the day before. I accessed it through FaceBookPetitiontwo

This second pic only has one remark that I made today. I accessed it through CWDF. The remark I made was because I couldn’t see the three remarks I had made before. PetitiononeIt appears to me that somehow that the petition is being manipulated. There is an unusually high number of signatories and the rate at which they are adding is phenomenal.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


I am quite amazed that since Crimbo I have had 100 spam messages on this site. Advertising things from Viagra to Handbags to websites I would never visit. All very chatty but do I have time to read this stuff? No! the site knows who the spammers are and blocks them, most of them, without me even knowing. Some get through and can be some what disturbing. And occasionally some persistent people keep on being persistent. Those I block myself. This blog has been running about ten years and I have never had so many spammers. And an awful lot of them with girls names.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


……..let the truth get in the way of a good story!

Oh the Irony!

This is a group of Moslems who are at Downing Street to deliver a petition. That’s good, that’s what we do here. It beats the crap out of beatings and beheadings we are being bombarded with on the TV. The irony is they are exercising their right to free speech to protest against our right to free speech. The petition is asking for free speech to be halted because they don’t believe in it. This is crazy. Not only is this concept daft, it is as daft as they look. I would comment about the how daft the guy in red looks, but as this is about my not having free speech I shall hold my tongue.FREESPEECH The petition contains 100,000 signatures. Given that women don’t have the right to speak for themselves one must assume they signed because their husbands/fathers told them to. So the petition only has a value < 50,000 signatures. Not to worry they have exercised their freedom (the same freedom I now exercise) and that’s what counts!

When you see it……

…….you will smile.


Sunday, 15 February 2015

Well, well, well.

A while ago I was called a ‘monumental arsehole’ which surprised me because I didn’t think I was that good. Yeah I know there are those who think like wise, like I give  shit. It surprised me a bit because the person who called me that was herself behaving like a monumental arse.
She had just arranged her 5 am move/swap on the London waterways (this is typical of London Boaters who are flouting the rules) and then had the nerve to berate me for not being positive. It would seem that my need to be more positive was because of a response I made to a request for somewhere to dispose of oil.
I pointed that there were posters about saying ‘KEEP OIL OF OUR CANALS’ and that there was a phone number to call should you need to dispose of oil. Now I thought that was a reasonable response to the OPs question, but obviously not! The bitch from hell let fly!
I pointed out that my response was helpful and that she should get her head out of her arse.head-up-ass The lady then went on to tell me by PM that I was known by London Boaters as a monumental arsehole (this from people who tell me I don’t speak nice), well in all honesty I don’t really care. There are boaters in London who I have a lot of time for (who try to play the game by the rules) and there are boaters who I doubt I would piss on if they were on fire (because they make a point of breaking the rules). This ‘lady’ and her bridge hopping chums come in the latter group.
Why would they think that of me? Well My favourite response to “There are not enough visitor moorings in London” is a simple “There are more than enough visitor moorings in London, what CRT has to do is stop non visitors mooring on them”, but they don’t appreciate the truth.
 Yeah it would be nice to be liked by every one, I like people to like me,  but for me that would constitute a lot of had work trying to understand characters like the bitch from hell and do you know what?life is too short. Feck ‘em!

Friday, 13 February 2015

History is History

There is a definite snobbery about historic boats. History is history. Some history is very old and some is relatively new. Old wooden boats are historic as are cast iron boats and the early steel boats, but apparently new boats that are landmark boats are not historic.

Milly M is not 100 years old but it is a landmark boat. Milly M was the first time in history that a boat build had been filmed on webcam and broadcast across the world via its own website.

There was another boat built under the constant gaze of the webcam, but it was only for personal viewing.

The Milly M site had 10,000 visits while she was being built. She was viewed across Europe, the Americas, The Middle East, The Antipodes, East Asia, Africa, etc World Wide!

That my friends is history and cannot be denied. Ergo Milly M IS an historic boat!

To deny that is just boating snobbery!

On law

If there is no law to say don’t, then you can, until someone writes a law.


On my cruise to Stone today I was surprised to find a 5’x3’ table top on the towpath in the middle of nowhere. Where do people get the idea that this is acceptable? DSCF2316 Loads of other garbage also picked up filling over half a dumpster when I arrived in Stone. I didn’t pick up the bedstead that was dumped on the other side of the hedgerow.DSCF2321

Cruisers an’ stuff

It has been a part of the boating landscape for more years than I have been a boater and will be for many years after I shuffle off this mortal coil. The Canal and River Trust (CRT) and British Waterways (BW) before them have always been telling Continuous Cruisers that they don't travel far enough and then will not say how far is ‘enough' when asked. The 1995 ACT says move every 14 days, it does not specify a particular distance or movement pattern.

Let’s be serious about this, a proper Continuous Cruiser is just that Continuous and a Cruiser. They/We 1. Have a passion for the canals. 2. Desire to see it all. They/we have no great interest in staying in one place too long. Once you have explored the visitor attraction and spent a night in the pub at one location there is another one in front of you so off you go.

Often the ‘attraction’ we want to see is not necessarily a ‘listed’ visitor attraction. It might be an old fort, an abandoned village, a ridge and furrow field or just maybe walking in some ancient woodland, a visit to a local pub, a museum, spend time with friends, there’s endless possibilities. We abide by the time restrictions laid down by the 1995 Act of 14 days, but rarely stay that long. If due to illness we need to stay longer we contact CRT to make sure its OK. Whilst we are out and about we report to CRT any problems we find such as fallen trees, landslides, damaged locks etc. And when we come across a boat adrift we tie it up and make sure it is secure. We are the eyes of CRT, they said so not me. So not only do we have a very special life, but we are useful to the boating community as a whole.

There is an official ‘Guidance for boats without a home mooring’ which no one likes. Words like area, place, and neighbourhood are a bone of contention.Terms such as ‘bona fide’ and navigation also cause confusion. Some CCers, especially in London have constantly asked for clarification on what exactly these mean and how far they have to move. In the Guidance CRT go to some lengths to explain the meanings of words that might be contentious. Such as the exact number of the six definitions of a particular word in the shorter Oxford Dictionary. To try to address this CRT tried to offer up a map of what it considered answered some of the questions. It was rejected out of hand as being unworkable.

There are those who cannot abide by the rules for which they sign. The reasons are various, but generally tend to rotate around schooling, working, engine problems! Only one of these three has any validity for a CCer. They seem to spend their life organising their next move. And at times move from one side of a bridge to the other to avoid getting a ticket. Continuous Avoiders would be a better title for them.

Mr Richard Parry the CEO of CRT has agreed that the Trust should develop a clear response to the question, ‘How far should I travel to comply?' He has received representations from the AWCC & IWA that CCers should be required to move a minimum of 500 miles a year. This is a rather draconian proposal that seeks to make it difficult for people, who’s lifestyle they don’t like, to stay on the water.  I can’t help but think that whilst this is doable we will be in a position of servility to the CRT. Always filling our day cruising to comply with the target (boating is supposed to be a leisure activity). Never stopping long enough to take in the scenery or visit a landmark, or moor for a few days to catch a train to visit family/friends/doctors/hospital. The ‘CCers’ in London, (some of whom think in terms of cruising in boat lengths) could never comply with this and would be forced off the water in a heartbeat which, I suspect is the plan.

I don’t understand the AWCC/IWA’s thinking. They always complain that when they go out on their annual summer trip there are never any vacant visitor moorings. Well this is very true and there is a plausible answer. When Mr Annual Boater takes to the water for his two week sojourn so do 10,000 of his comrades. So it is not the CCers who are hogging all the Visitor moorings but other visitors! Though most would not admit it I suspect there is an element of jealousy in that we are ‘living the dream’ and they so often can’t. It does take a lot of courage to take the step to move on board and some people don’t have this courage.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


I am having trouble working out how Danes are a race. A country does not necessarily contain a specific genetic race. There is only one race, the human race and little Hitlers divide that up into smaller races to give them something to complain about. Denmark like most European countries has been watered down over the last hundred years. Just because someone has a Danish passport does not make them a Dane.

It’s the communist  who years ago came up with the word ‘racist’ to divide the populace and cause unrest. Take it from me it works! It’s a word used by bullies to force their opinion on others. I am having none of it.

Yes not all Danes f*ck dogs but Danes do f*ck dogs that’s not racist that is a FACT! It doesn’t matter if it is legal in Denmark to have sex with an animal, it is abhorrent and should certainly not be tolerated in ANY modern western society. If because of this, you think I am a racist I think that is more a ‘you problem’ than a ‘me problem’. Get over yourself!

There are probably people here who f*ck dogs, but it is against the law and they will be dealt with. I have to wonder why the EU have not jumped on this from a very great height, they seem to jump on much lesser issues and pronounce laws.

However, in reality this is my space. This is where I have my say. If you don’t like what I say you only have your self to blame, I don’t force you come.

Monday, 9 February 2015


This picture is upsetting. This dog is alive and will stay alive for some time, but why is she tied up like this? She is a working dog. She works in an animal brothel in Denmark.

Shagging animals in Denmark is legal. Yes that’s right legal. Danes don’t just have people brothels they have animal brothels. What sick people would want to fuck a dog? The Danes that’s who!


Sunday, 8 February 2015

Monday, 2 February 2015


The Association Of Continuous Cruisers web site says there will be an election in January 2015. Well it is now February! Doh!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

The BBC said…..

…….“Don’t call Paris Attackers Terrorists, because that’s a Loaded Word.”

Well of course its a loaded word, as were the guns of the terrorists. Had the ‘terrorists’ just stuck post-it notes on their victims expressing their displeasure we would be having a different conversation.

Are the BBC relevant any more!