Monday, 9 February 2015


This picture is upsetting. This dog is alive and will stay alive for some time, but why is she tied up like this? She is a working dog. She works in an animal brothel in Denmark.

Shagging animals in Denmark is legal. Yes that’s right legal. Danes don’t just have people brothels they have animal brothels. What sick people would want to fuck a dog? The Danes that’s who!



John said...

Hi Maffi,

I must admit I just didn't believe your story, so had to check and am absolutely amazed that bestiallity is not illegal in Demark. How on earth can a country, that is progressive in so many different ways, allow sex with animals?

I did find a site that has started a petition to the Danish goverment calling for a ban on bestiallity, perhaps you could publish this link:-

Having said that I do think you are wrong to accuse all Danes of being 'sick' people. Just because some people in a group/country do something that is abhorrent it is racist* to accuse all the people of that group/country of supporting the activity or sharing the same views.

Incidentally, apparently it's not just some Danes who want to have sex with animals according to the owner of one animal "...many of his clients come from Norway, Sweden, Holland and Germany".


* Racism - The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race.

(Oxford Dictionaries

Maffi said...

John the problem is that it is allowed. The Danes must know that this is allowed and so are complicit in the crime. It is not racist to say that all Danes are dog fuckers. They allow it, they do nothing to stop it, it is Danish culture they are therefore guilty as charged.

Don't ever call me a racist, bad move.

John said...

Hi Maffi,
Don't want this to get into a slanging match, but how is saying "...all Danes are dog fuckers..." not a racist comment? especially when some of them are trying to get their government to ban it and are therefore clearly not 'complicit' in the activity (unfortunately it is not yet a crime in Denmark).

If you do answer this, please do so with reference to the definition of racism I posted yesterday.

Thank you for publicising the link to the petition.

Naughty-Cal said...

Maffi. I am fairly sure that not all Danes condone it. In much the same way that not all muslims are suicide bombers.

It is wrong to label them all with the same branding.

Sorry but you are wrong this time.

Anonymous said...

Maffi, that's just not right.

If all Danes are complicit in this (because they have not ended it), are you not complicit in (say) Starbucks' tax avoidance - because, whilst against it, you have not ended it?


Maffi said...

Frank Tax avoidance whilst objectionable in not actually illegal. I do my bit against Starbucks I never go there. I encourage others not to go there. I have written to my MP the PM highlighting my dislike for this practice.

I would be glad to look into any options you may suggest.

Maffi said...

John I don't see black white blue pink yellow green purple in any one. If a person f**ks me over then the gates are open.

Racism is a communist invented word designed to divide the populace and holds no worth in my vocab.

Martin Svensson said...

Its also illegal to have sex with animals in Ohio, as well as many other American states like Texas, Alabama, New Hampshire, Nevada etc. Does that mean that all Ohioans, Texans etc are complicit and that all of them are dog fuckers?

Maffi said...

Martin try reading. It is LEGAL in Denmark to fuck a dog.

Martin Svensson said...

Yes, do you think I'm blind? I would never stigmatize the entire UK or wrongdoings in British legislation. For me, a person is a person, no matter where he or she lives. No person is worth less than anyone else just cause he or she happens to live in a certain country. My question was, do you hate Americans and America like you hate Danes just cause its legal to fuck a dog in America as well? Or does your hatred of countries only apply to Denmark?

The minister of agriculture has announced that he will bring this up soon as its a loophole in law, and hopes to be able to close that loophole. It has NEVER been made clear in Danish law whether its legal to have sex with animals or not. The minister hopes to close this loophole as some other European countries has done lately, like in Sweden where this was declared officially illegal in 2014 as there was no law prior to that.

Its actually very rare that the very words "sex with animals" is mentioned in a code of law, meaning there is no official definition whether its legal or not.

Also, this has NOTHING to do with Danish culture. If someone here openly admit to fuck dogs, the person would be beaten beyond belief, that I can tell for sure. Its not "accepted" or "tolerated" by people over here more than anywhere else, and if you think so then it proves that you know very little about us and our culture, and old, cranky bitter British man who prejudice countries including millions of people he knows nothing about.

If you ask me, it should be banned as it has in some European countries recently, it should be banned both here and in America

Martin Svensson said...

As for animals, and their welfare. Do you as an animal lover consider Britain as the heaven on earth for animals? Think again. In Britain, hundreds of primates such as chimps, with an intelligence comparable with humans, are tortured and killed in animal testing by British scientists, every year.

You have your own problems to fix, do you and British people in general do anything significant to stop this?

As you consider all Danes (including normal people like me, who haven't done anyone any harm, humans or animals) to be complicit in f*cking dogs, do you also consider all British people to be complicit in vivisecting monkeys? Do you see your country as having higher morals than Denmark? Is it more moral to torturing and vivisecting chimps than having sex with them?

I say both things is disgusting, and wrong, and that both has to stop, but that hating and smearing entire nations and saying that everyone who lives there has to be in a certain way and making false statements about the culture, is completely unnecessary.

Jens Hansen said...

As for your claim that there is "animal brothels", I actually don't beleive thats real. While there is not mention of "sex with animals" in our laws (just like in the laws of many other countries), I do not believe it would be legally allowed to run a brothel with animals, mainly due to welfare issues I assume. I have found plenty of petitions regarding this, however, almost all of them are written in English, by people who seems to know absolutely nothing about this country. People these days can literally make petitions claiming anything and its very easy.

We do infact have very strict animal welfare laws, and if an animal is harmed by a human, then it is very much illgal. It doesn't matter whether this is done by sexual acts or beating, you are not allowed to harm your animals in Denmark.

It does not say anywhere in Danish law that its legal to have sex with animals, nor does it say anywhere that its legal. However, it says that you may not physically harm your animals. This means that IF an animal is physically harmed by a sexual act, then it is illegal and you can be prosecuted.

If you claim that your gross picture truly is from Denmark and not somewhere else, I would kindly ask you to tell me where in Denmark this was taken, so I can report this to the police. Tying an animal like that is itself illegal under the animal welfare laws. If you know when and where this was taken, I can contribute to the arrest of those who did this by reporting it to the police cause tying up a poor dog like this, for a sexual act, is NOT legal, regardless of whatever the reason is.

Phone number to the National Police is: 33 14 88 88

Maffi said...

Don't be offended I'm just angry.

Jens Hansen said...

If this picture is from Denmark then I'm certainly offended and angry too and would like to know where its from so it can be reported, and I'm also angry that you are calling my people resonsible and complicit in gross animal cruelty that I don't think anyone would agree with.

Animal cruelty is illegal in Denmark, thats what the law says. What is portrayed on this image is not legal in this country, and could easily lead to prosecution. People are quick to say that its "legal to have sex with animals in Denmark" just cause there is no text in our laws saying anything about it, BUT there is texts in our laws about animal cruelty which I guess most sexual abuse of animals would fall under.

Here is what the Danish animal welfare act says, word by word:

"§ 1. Animals must be properly treated and protected as possible against pain, suffering, distress, lasting harm and significant disadvantage."

"§ 2. Anyone who keeps animals must ensure that they are treated with uttermost care, including the housing, food, water and care taking into account their physiological, behavioral and health needs in accordance with established experience and scientific knowledge."

"Whoever by strain, neglect or otherwise treat animals irresponsibly, is punishable by fine or imprisonment up to 1 year. There must be at sentencing take into account the existence of reckless or gross negligent treatment of animals. Has the relationship had the character of maltreatment, the penalty is imprisonment up to one year, in recidivism up to 2 years."

Link to the Danish animal welfare act, that contains several chapters:

This is what it says. It does not say anywhere that its legal to have sex with animals. Nor does it say anywhere that its legal. I guess its all up to how you interpretate our laws, what you are describing with "animal brothels" and raping dogs etc would certainly NOT be legal under these paragraphs, and certainly not approved or tolerated by Danes, who love animals.

Possible it could exist underground, illegally.

The petitions that are in English are written by American animal rights cyber-activists who knows nothing about this country, or our laws.

People ought to question any sensationalist stories published in social media these days instead of taking everything as truth just cause someone made a petition, where people can claim anything they want and claim that a picture they found is from anywhere they want it to claim to be from.

Jens Hansen. Proud veteran and owner of 3 mastiffs.

Anonymous said...

have to say whats the point if some things illegal or not ,if your weird enough to shag a dog nothing gonna stop you...........wuff wuff

Anders Hansson said...

Well it is banned completely now (shutting the so-called "legal" loophole)

Maffi said...

Good Anders I will write another post. Thank you.