Wednesday, 11 February 2015


I am having trouble working out how Danes are a race. A country does not necessarily contain a specific genetic race. There is only one race, the human race and little Hitlers divide that up into smaller races to give them something to complain about. Denmark like most European countries has been watered down over the last hundred years. Just because someone has a Danish passport does not make them a Dane.

It’s the communist  who years ago came up with the word ‘racist’ to divide the populace and cause unrest. Take it from me it works! It’s a word used by bullies to force their opinion on others. I am having none of it.

Yes not all Danes f*ck dogs but Danes do f*ck dogs that’s not racist that is a FACT! It doesn’t matter if it is legal in Denmark to have sex with an animal, it is abhorrent and should certainly not be tolerated in ANY modern western society. If because of this, you think I am a racist I think that is more a ‘you problem’ than a ‘me problem’. Get over yourself!

There are probably people here who f*ck dogs, but it is against the law and they will be dealt with. I have to wonder why the EU have not jumped on this from a very great height, they seem to jump on much lesser issues and pronounce laws.

However, in reality this is my space. This is where I have my say. If you don’t like what I say you only have your self to blame, I don’t force you come.