Friday, 13 February 2015

History is History

There is a definite snobbery about historic boats. History is history. Some history is very old and some is relatively new. Old wooden boats are historic as are cast iron boats and the early steel boats, but apparently new boats that are landmark boats are not historic.

Milly M is not 100 years old but it is a landmark boat. Milly M was the first time in history that a boat build had been filmed on webcam and broadcast across the world via its own website.

There was another boat built under the constant gaze of the webcam, but it was only for personal viewing.

The Milly M site had 10,000 visits while she was being built. She was viewed across Europe, the Americas, The Middle East, The Antipodes, East Asia, Africa, etc World Wide!

That my friends is history and cannot be denied. Ergo Milly M IS an historic boat!

To deny that is just boating snobbery!

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