Sunday, 22 February 2015


There is a petition on the net at the moment entitled

Boats Are Homes! Prevent the Eviction of Boat Dwellers.

I haven’t signed it neither will I. I think we should all be very careful and read it carefully before we decide to sign it. It is misleading and I believe the result is being controlled. Here are two screen shots off my computer. I have placed comments on the site, but you will see from the two pictures that they are different. If you look at the tabs at the top of the screen you will see that I have two different instances of this petition open.

This first pic contains three remarks that I made yesterday and the day before. I accessed it through FaceBookPetitiontwo

This second pic only has one remark that I made today. I accessed it through CWDF. The remark I made was because I couldn’t see the three remarks I had made before. PetitiononeIt appears to me that somehow that the petition is being manipulated. There is an unusually high number of signatories and the rate at which they are adding is phenomenal.

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