Thursday, 19 March 2015

And away I go!

My day started at 9. Having had a very feverish night I woke with razors in my throat and a snot lined nose. I was feeling kinda shite. And the crowd cried out for more!

Still, Molly had to walk and dump so I got dressed and out we went. I was moored on Cambrian Wharf so we were able to walk across the gardens. After Molly had done her biz we returned to the boat I had breakfast and we reversed out to Farmers Bridge Locks. Passing Kirsten in her boat I called good bye, she waved out of the bathroom window. As I was working through lock 3 Kirsten came along with her windlass. Together we did the next 20 locks. That was a great relief given that I was feeling crap. I am very grateful Kirsten thank you very much.

Kirsten left at lock 10 on the Aston Flight because we thought that was the last one. 400 yards later I came across lock 11 which I had to do myself. With the lock empty I sat on the beam to open it and it snapped in the middle of the gate. I really must lose some weight.

I was still in the lock and the gate was shut. I couldn’t pull on the beam, it was all floppy, and so I crossed over via my roof and pushed the gate open from there. Driving the boat out I moored up and reported the gate to CRT who arrived in about half an hour. It was clearly evident that a bolt through the beam holding a strap onto the end post had allowed water in and this had started the rot.

Looking into the crack white mold was visible. The plan when I left was 4 bits of angle iron to support it and strap it all together. Should make a good job if they pull it off.

DSCF2551 DSCF2552 DSCF2553  DSCF2555    DSCF2559


Julie Hayter said...

Ooops - note to self, do not sit on rotten beams :)

KevinTOO said...

Less Guinness is good for you...
yes I know (before you say it) pot/kettle/black... LOL