Monday, 16 March 2015


Today I was thinking of leaving when I had a knock at the window. A strangely dressed chap ask if I was a CCer and passed me a slip announcing that the National Bargee Travellers Association NBTA were having a meeting at the Victoria in John Bright Street at two. Well I am not a great fan of the NBTA. There are few if any Bargees left and what the Assoc wants to do seems not to involve travelling. However I put away my prejudices and decided to go along to see what they had to say. I put off leaving Brum until tomorrow-ish.

The Victoria is never going to win any medals for modernity but it is a nice pub. 50s I would say. Main downside NO GUINNESS!!!

The meeting, upstairs, was a bit disorganised and they really need to get Public Speaking training or Amplification! What I could hear was seemingly good info, but I had to work so hard to listen I didn’t take too much in.

James ‘n’ Debbie were there as was Dan Manville. Of course Nick Brown from NBTA was there. All Of who I knew from Face Book.



Debbie said...

Hi Maffi, I'm Debbie not Diane :) James sent the photo to the email address on your Facebook profile, did you receive it? It was good to meet you at last although only briefly, hopefully we'll catch up again soon. xx

Anonymous said...

I haven't been in the Victoria for years but it used to be a fine pub with a broad mix of clientele.

No point going back now if it no longer sells Guinness.


Henhouse said...

An establishment without Guinness is surely not a pub !

Maffi said...

You need to try the stout HH