Wednesday, 25 March 2015


There I was waiting at Great Haywood Lock waiting to take a picture. Before I could get the picture I wanted a green boat arrived, Tumbarumba, on board Julie and Brian who I last met at Great Heywood two years ago. Before that I met them at Newbold Tunnel down on the North Oxford and then 7 years ago at Brentford Reading Abingdon Thrupp. Cassie’s Dream. I met Smiffy and TG on Islonian at Atherstone, Fazeley. Fradley. Rugeley, GH. I met James nb Marquis at Fradley then again at Stone. I see Sue and Vic on No Problem in Thrupp and Gary and Della on nb Muleless and Del & Al on Derwent 6, Festina Liente, The Hunters nb Beefur. Tony and Jackie on Timewarp often appear as I am on my way around the canals. I saw nb Chalkhill Blue on the T&M at Fradely Nev on Percy. Mort Bones will be a lunch date in Brum. Barbara and Terry on nb Hakuna Matata invited me to dinner at the bottom of Atherstone. Ann and Keith on OAKFIELD are often visited in and around Braunston. 5G show up from time to time. Christine and Les and Jaq on VALERIE. These people and many, many more are friends.

Time for a cuppa or a beer or even dinner.  Its one of the joys of boating  you just never know who is around the next corner.

This is my Continuous Cruiser Community. We meet every so often be it days, weeks, months, or even years. As CCers this is what we like. To suggest that CRT are in any way trying to break up CCer communities is absolutely farcical. To do that they would have to catch us all together first and that never happens.

CCers move. We have a great life and enjoy our lives meeting old and new friends on our journey. If you want to stay where your ‘community’ is then you are not a CCer by any stretch of the imagination.To suggest you are is disrespectful to the rest of us. If you don’t move around then you are a Continuous Avoider. Live with that and stop fecking up every one else who will play by the rules.

And as for Regional CCers Pah!


Naughty-Cal said...

It isn't just CCers that meet people and enjoy a sense of community. As mere pleasure boaters, weekend boaters, holiday boaters, whatever the label is this week we also enjoy the chance to meet up with people.

We have met some great friends over the years on the inland and coastal waterways of the UK. Some we meet up with on a regular basis, some once a year, some even longer in between, but they are still friends.

Labeling people doesn't really help.

Anonymous said...

Very well put Maffi. As live-aboard continuous cruisers for the last five and a half years we have also met and befriended other boaters. It's good to have company, but it is also good to be on our own to go exploring. We enjoy the freedom of spending time in various areas especially in the countryside. We are close to nature and with no light pollution we often peruse the night-sky. Dawns and sunsets are often spectacular. Every day is completely different, as we never know what it may involve, it is quite exciting. Ann nb Oakfield

JohnO said...

Brilliant post Maffi. Reminds us of our cc days. Boat less for 10 years and now looking to do it all over again!!

Can I stir it and suggest a submission of your post to narrowboatworld ;-)

Maffi said...

NC do you have a blog? If so then might I suggest you use it. My post was about CCers and Community

Dave,Beryl Bradshaw said...

Nail on Head again Maafi couldn't have put it better.

Maffi said...

One 'a' two 'f's. :)