Wednesday, 4 March 2015


The National Gallery is under threat. The staffing is to be contracted out. This is being done in the interest of reducing costs. So how will this affect the Gallery? Well just assume it costs £500,000 for staffing. A private contractor bids £400,000 and wins. There is now a 20% reduction in available money for staff. The contractor will want their cut another 20%. So the money available is £320,000. Staff will be reduced. Salaries will be reduced. As the new MD of the gallery you can bet your sweet bippy one of Cameron’s ‘friends’ will be being paid hundreds of thousands to do feck all.

In a couple of years another company will put in a cheaper bid and they will want their 20%. More staff will go. Salaries will fall again. But before we get to that stage they will start charging for entry. Not everyone will get charged just the least well off.

Even if the Gallery put in a smaller bid they wouldn’t get the contract because the corruption that is endemic in this government will put a stop to that happening. David Cameron is a hard line criminal. More corrupt than most. He is a thief and a fraud. The most corrupt PM in the last 100 years. What really surprises me is that he is still alive.

The country at the moment is being trashed by the greedy. If someone wrote a book with this scenario no one would believe it. Too far fetched! Contracting out cannot maintain the service. It will make people unemployed. It will probably end up with valuable art works being stolen or damaged. Well at least Cameron wont be in the hot seat when the shit hits the fan!

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