Monday, 16 March 2015

Last Will and Testament

In English Law a man may dispose of his property as he chooses (‘testamentary freedom’). This is the law of the land and applies to all and sundry so everybody is equal. Unless, that is, you are a moslem.

The Sharia Law says that:-

‘Male heirs [should] in most cases receive double the amount inherited by a female heir,’ it said, and ‘non-Muslims may not inherit at all’. Likewise ‘illegitimate and adopted children are not Sharia heirs’ and should not be left a penny.

Well you might think we are in England so that doesn’t apply here does it? Well The law society thinks different. In a practice note on Sharia-compliant wills, the Law Society advised the 125,000 solicitors in England and Wales to urge Muslim clients to discriminate against women, non-muslims, adopted and ‘illegitimate’ children.

So not only do we have one law for the rich and one law for the poor we also have yet another law for moslems.

Isn’t it amazing I am not allowed to discriminate against any moslem, yet a moslem can discriminate against women, childern and non moslems (me).

So will someone please tell me what freedom our ancestors fought for in the two great wars or was this just more government bullshit we were fed?

Allah truly is a piece of work. Allan Snackbar!!!


John said...

Hi Maffi,

Do you spend your days making 'straw men'?

The illogicality of what you have written is so obvious I think you do it just to draw comments from people like me who can't stand (so I'll sit instead) to see such nonsense from a person who usually has such good common sense.

You start off by saying "In English Law a man may dispose of his property as he chooses" (what about women?) and then criticise a group of people who choose to do just that, just because you don't like the way they go about it.

You then confuse a practice note from the Law Society as somehow being a law. Clearly a 'Practice Note' which seeks to give advice (no matter whether we think it is good or bad advice) is clearly that, ADVICE only not a law.

So the 'straw man' (practice note equals a law) does not exist so your nonsensical statement ".... we also have yet another law for muslims". Is just that, nonsense.

And finally, as you are being gratuitously offensive to the muslim religion, can I just say Jesus H Christ.



Maffi said...

Sharia law does not allow a man to distribute his wealth as he chooses but as the law says. So however much a moslem may love an adopted son over his natural children he is cut out of the will. His daughters to are treated as lesser people than sons. Its all about keeping money in the family. I fail to see how fact is gratuitously offensive.

I have just cut down an article I have seen elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I know (well, I'm 99% certain) that this stuff is tongue in cheek and that you are not an idiot really.

Muslims are living in the year 1436 AH; what would you have to say about the laws of England in 1436? Surely, they also could do with improvement.

Of course, as you know, a muslim is as free as you or I to make whatever will he likes under English law. If on the other hand, he prefers to follow the diktat of a religion, any religion, I won't argue with him - I couldn't, he's not rational.


Maffi said...

Not logical Frank. The Arab world had civilisation long before we did. The introduction of Islam destroyed all that as it is destroying civilisation now. There is no freedom in a brainwashed man, he does as he is dictated to.

Malcolm said...

Hi Maffi,
It seems you have opened a can of worms with this one!

As you know, I'll usually pitch in when Islam is involved.

I don't know if John and Frank lived and worked in the Middle East for many years as we did, so we may be more 'qualified' to express our opinions on the subject.

A muslim in the UK may choose whether their will is construed under Sharia or English law and will no doubt opt for whichever suits them best.

In the unlikely event of an infidel in the UK wishing to have their will construed under Sharia rather than English law, I have no doubt that this would not be allowed.

Furthermore, you can bet that in Saudi it would be compulsory for an infidel's will to be construed under Sharia law.

That'll be discrimination then!

Hamish McTibble said...

There are interesting posts about Muslims in Britain and Europe, especially Sweden which has become known as The Rape Capital of Europe since the Islamicists arrived, on Ozzie Saffa's blog. An ex-South African living in Australia. You'll find the blog easily from Google: Ozzie Saffa.

For example: