Monday, 27 April 2015

From the NBTA web site

National Bargee Travellers Association

Representing the interests of all itinerant live-aboard boat dwellers.


I don’t recall any one at the NBTA asking if they could represent me. On this one line I would have to say ‘lying politicians’ comes to mind.

At a recent CRT ‘10 Year Plan’ meeting in Birmingham one NBTA member caused 60% of the attendees to walk out of the meeting because of her persistent badgering, of the CRT CEO Richard Parry, for something that there is no way in hell would ever happen.

Some people need to get a big dose of reality and pretty quickly before they fuck us all up.

Whilst I do think the NBTA could have a valid part to play they are not winning any friends at the table and after that latest debacle are hardly likely to be asked to the table again.

I have today written and asked the NBTA to make it clear on their home page that they DO NOT represent ALL itinerant boaters.


Steve said...

So what was she badgering Mr Parry about that was never going to happen?

Maffi said...

Steve who?

Steve said...


Maffi said...

Do you have a FB page or blog?

Steve said...

No blog, a face book page, but it's closing, not sure if it's happened yet. Just curious what she wanted that was never going to happen that's all.

Maffi said...

This is from someone who was at the meeting,

"Meg was on fire. Positioned herself in the middle of the room and dictated proceedings spouting social and economic rhetoric figures from CRT annual accounts which were completely wrong then demanding we had a vote in the room to get CRT to hand over enforcement to boaters as to when they can over stay the 14 day rule i.e. boaters agreeing to let boaters stay forever. She demanded this vote for over 15 minutes. Ended with a slow hand clap from the other meeting attendees."