Wednesday, 8 April 2015

South of Marston Doles

Apparently the farmer who owns this land never does anything by the book preferring instead to do it ‘his’ way. Obviously a class 1 Dickhead!

CRT are going to be pissed.

DSCF2720 DSCF2721  DSCF2722 DSCF2723 DSCF2724


Ray Oakhill said...

So this guy has dug out his own mini marina and it looks fairly recent. I wonder how long it will take for CRT to cotton on. It wasn't there at the end of Sept. last year, when I came past.

Anonymous said...

Yes we passed it a few weeks ago, bet he didn't have any planning permission. The boat doesn't seem to have a name, number or license either. We wondered what is happening to the waste water etc from the boat. Soon it could be sitting in an undesirable pool of it's own making, ugh! Now if he'd craned it onto his field there would have been no problem. As it is he has damaged C&RT property.Ann