Thursday, 9 April 2015

The trouble with being me is…..

Many people would have a long list on this topic. Mine is relatively short. I am well aware what some of my peers think of me and I don’t really care. Those who mind don’t matter, those matter don’t mind! I am  sure I am a better person than they will ever be.

I am sure there are those, who read this ‘ere blog, who think they know me, they don’t. They have no idea.

I meet many people when I am out and about and even when I am stationary, like now. This is where I see ‘The trouble with being me’. I met  couple on Tuesday who knew me by name (this always surprises me) lovely people who hope I will meet again. I did ask how they managed to recognise me they pointed out that I was wearing as tee shirt with my name across the front (M*A*F*F*I) That’s the point, ‘The trouble with being me is my memory. I know they told me their names and the name of their boat, but unfortunately I don’t remember. We had a short chat, but I am currently doing some maintenance on the boat and was keen to get on. I am always pleased to meet people who know who I am though I do wonder why they read the blog.

This afternoon nb PIPER came past. One chap taking pictures of my boat. The chap on the tiller said, “Hello Maffi, how’s it going?”

‘Fine Sir how are you?’ (if I call you Sir it’s because I don’t know/remember your name)

I had no idea who they were and still only know the two chaps were brothers. Memory again! They stopped on the water point and we chatted for some while and tea was drunk.

I do meet lots of people and I really do love it that they know who I am, I’m nobody in particular, but they know and that makes my day. If I have met you this week it was nice to meet you all even if I don’t remember your names. I hope we meet again somewhere. Maybe we could talk about the trouble with being me!


nb Lola said...

I will be sure to leave you with a picture of us, the boat, it's name, our names, where we met you and when. When we next pass, of course!

MortimerBones said...

Lola - that's a great idea. I shall stick a picture of me, the dog, the boat and all our names on your memory board.