Thursday, 23 April 2015

This has to stop

Yesterday a boater, who was having a serious medical problem, was being wheeled along the towpath in London. The ambulance crew who attended were also carrying their equipment back to the ambulance. You can imagine a worrisome time for all. Cue the CCC (Crazy Commuter Cyclist). The cyclists, obviously more important than a medical emergency, expected the medics to move out of their way, which only goes to prove that you can stick a daffodil in an arsehole but it will never be a vase.

I know not all cyclists are like this, but it only takes on bad apple to rot the barrel.

1 comment:

Robert Hawkins said...

Been say this for years.
I'd love to be inadvertently startled by one of these, to whirl around and have them in the cut. Accidently of course.