Friday, 3 April 2015

Wolverhampton Top

This litter bin is behind the wall at Wolverhampton Top Lock. You can just see the lock top left corner. It appears that some people miss the bin with their litter.DSCF2527 

What missed the litter bin was litter, but litter that never should have been there. This is from a boat, there are no houses close enough to warrant the walk.DSCF2528This is CAT LITTER! Some disgusting bastard thinks it is OK to dump their cat shit in litter bins.

This is happening more and more these days. Dirty people doing dirty things. Their parents are obviously the same and passed their dirty scumbag genes on to their dirty scumbag kids.

CAT LITTER goes in the boaters rubbish bins and like dog doo doo is double bagged! If you don’t understand You are not fit to have a cat!

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