Saturday, 30 May 2015


Well bugger me if I ain't one step closer to terminating my FB Account.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Moving on!

OK so since Thatcham I moved up to Newbury where I spent a day or three. I was hoping to get on with the painting of the bows but it just wasn’t a goer. Too much stuff falling off the trees. I did manage a nice meal out at the Ghurkha Chef. I also found the laundry, note I said Laundry and not Laundrette. It was a bit expensive but I was glad to stop the commando gig. They said late afternoon but I stopped by about one and it was all done. So I was able to set off. Earlier in the morning I turned round and went to the Chandlery for diesel and water. Now usually when you buy diesel they don’t charge for water. They do at Greenham. Yes my tank was empty so I filled it to the top, but I think £4 is a bit steep, but they do have a £6000+ water bill for the year. I read somewhere with just the cost of the water a person would be hard pushed to use a quids worth in his life time. Add to that the maintenance costs staff salaries and execs vast bonuses and 4 quid seems fair.

John reversed down from in front of me on nb April Squire and allowed the flow to turn him under the bridge.
Anyway I set off and arrived in Kintbury where I spent the night. On the way I spotted this bench.
Nothing special until you read the plaque.

I wish I had known my laundry was done and I wouldn’t have had the water, but having said that there was wide beam moored on the water point all night much to the annoyance of the hire boat that came up an hour or two after me.
There is a sign at Kintbury that would be hard to call legal and could get someone in a lot of trouble. I might have to take this up with CRT.
A late start on Wednesday morning got me to Hungerford and the last mooring on the offside. At Dunmill lock there was a couple of guys fishing for trout on the river.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

I had one job!

Today I had a visit from Bones and Alex. They were on their way down to the coast-ish.  Bones bought me Molly’s medication and a torch that I purchased on line.

But before that I had a chat with the farmer  and his friends about my impromptu mooring last night. He said he wasn’t worried as long as I didn’t leave any rubbish. I mentioned that I made a point of clearing up other peoples rubbish and we were at ease. Then some cows were spotted in a planted field and off they went to round them up I offered to help and was asked to wait where I was and shoo them into the field gate. Well I only had one job to do and after about twenty minutes I walked down to where one of the chaps waiting for a chat being as the cows (and one bull) had done a runner. Needless to say when the cows were driven back I was not in my allotted position and the cows kept going. Fortunately stopped by the canal. They were soon back in their field and I was slightly red faced.

After Bones, Alex and Boot departed I cast off for Newbury. I arrived about 3.30.11312648_10153798803558238_7443130124087608452_o Picture by Bones not Molly!

Friday, 22 May 2015

Cruising the K&A

On Wednesday I came off the Thames and spent the night in the Abbey loop, behind the prison. Thursday we set off to Theale.  It took a while. I can’t get over how lovely the Kennet is this time of the year. It is well over grown but still very nice. By Friday night I was trying to find a mooring at Thatcham. Earlier I met Colin from nb GO FOR IT going over the bridge. He parked up and came to give me a hand. He later met me again at Woolhampton and again locked me through. Some of the moorings at Thatcham were occupied by selfish boaters who don’t seem to understand the importance of closing the gap. There was about 100 foot of space spread across the mooring. Yes I know I should have asked people to move up, but I shouldn’t have to.


Wednesday, 20 May 2015


---- I have broken my last wine glass.

DSCF3004It’s not quite the same.

Swans on the river

I came through Wallingford on Saturday last under the bridge and on past the boat club. This swan and her cygnets were in the water. Some batty old dear was waving frantically at me from the bank to avoid them. Silly old bat doesn’t understand that they get out of your way! Not that I was going fast anyway.


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

I am sad to announce………..

……the demise of my slippers. I have finally decided they are past their best and fit only for the bin.


However there will be a short service when they are to be are buried at sea, You are all invited. There will be a short walk to the burial site and you are advised to bring flippers.

In the absence of an impending birthday or Christmas on the horizon, I have had to shell out for some new ones. The nearest shop being Tesco. They had only two styles to chose from so these won. Have you seen the price of slippers these days?


For future reference slippers last about a year. Of course I am now out of sync with the slipper/birthday cycle you all need to pay better attention.

Friday, 15 May 2015


After a trip to Waitrose I set off about 10.30. I stopped at the chandlery that I was told had closed, but had just changed hands, and bought some ‘D’ shackles. Then me and Molly cruised down the river to Sutton Courtenay. You may remember I went last year. You might not want to go past the DANGER sign, but you will enjoy the ride. It is not as you might think as long as you stay away from the weirs. DSCF3014 Back up on the river I waited for Culham lock to fill on Public Power. It takes nearly 20 minutes! Out of the lock I surprised the  couple who shared the lock with me by turning sharp right and going to Sutton Courtney again via the lower half of the weir stream. This I had never done before. It was very different. There are a few weirs up there and I visited all the ones I could get to. DSCF3018 The big weir at the end is a special place not just the weirs but a Culvert and beaches and ……..shallow bits. This is where I got grounded. I was surprised because past experience of these places says it doesn’t get shallow until you are quite close……not today! Doh!DSCF3015 My front end isn’t very deep in the water, but I was stuck fast it took a bit of wiggling and a lot of throttle before it came free, but free it came and I was off on my way.DSCF3021 I stopped at the weir above Clifton and had lunch then made my way through the lock then off down to Days Lock where I tried to go up their weir stream too.  Had I got under the bridge I may have scraped the chimney but with only inches to go someone on the bank said I would pick up the bottom just the other side of the bridge. So I reversed out. and continued on to my nights mooring where the River Thame meets the River Thames.I had to do a bit of gardening when I arrived, the bridge srrounds were a bit overgrown.

This is my morning

Morning in Abingdon


Thursday, 14 May 2015

Today I went to Abingdon

I left Osney about 11 this morning, but instead of going down stream I turned round and made my way back to Isis Lock where Dusty was waiting to deliver me two bags of coal. It is chilly today. There was a narrow boat moored on the pontoon who was there yesterday afternoon after Dusty moved off into the lock the boat moved back. He has an EA ticket and as such is not entitled to use the pontoon unless he is intending to go onto the canal. For fuel and water he should use EA facilities. Ho hum! I nosed into the lock mouth and left the boat in gear. Dusty gave me two bags of Supertherm and I gave him more quids than I wanted to. I made my way back to Osney Lock. It was an uneventful trip down river. I got to Sanford Lock and after locking down moored up to make a cuppa and change clothes, which were soaking. Despite the rain which had persisted since early morning I enjoyed the trip. I arrived in Abingdon about 5 ish. I moored on the park side. I like it there. Once again I removed wet clothes. Everything is now hanging up and the fire is drying them all out. Waitrose is across the park.

Tomorrow after a Waitrose trip I will amble down the river and will moor at the weir before Clifton Hampton. No one ever goes there! That will probably be just after lunch so I will progress in the afternoon to Days Lock and then moor where the River Thame joins the Thames.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Fecking cheek!

So there I was on the river. I went up stream for the ride. On the way back I aimed for Osney to moor up for the night. Well just after Bottley Bridge there is a little pocket park outside some houses. As I passed an asian lady and her husband came to the park and dumped a load of wood in the park. Just threw it over the fence if you please!

I was having none of this. I moored up picked up the wood and marched around to their house. I told the chap that it was not acceptable to be dumping their shit in public places. Another neighbour came out and asked if it was my rubbish, to which I said I had just seen the chap and his wife dump it. That set him off explaining why it was not the done thing and where they should take their shit in future.

Job done I went to moor up for the night.


A reminder comes up on the screen telling me that AVG free needs up dating, so I click on YES. Now that should be the end of it. Just do it AVG. Don’t keep asking me questions, I am busy. I love the program its always been a good monitor of my machine. I just want to get on with my work. I dais yes all you have to do is update. Nothing more nothing less. Thank you for your continued good service.


Did you notice I wrote ‘said’ backwards

A Maffigram

I had a job offer today Wal-Mart want me to work as a spy. To spy on their workforce. They said “We are hiring today and we need you in our team”.

They also said ”The jobs are easy, fun and well paid”.

Well I was incensed to think that checking up on poorly paid people was going to be ‘fun’ and well paid’. So incensed that I had to write them a letter. A Maffigram!

Dear Wal-Mart
You pay shit wages and then have the nerve to pay other people to go round and check up on your staff, despicable! Why would any reasonable human being be so cruel to fellow workers.  If you want your workers to perform better, then pay them  to perform better.

Give them a salary that gives them dignity instead of them relying on food stamps. By making them claim food stamps you are taking money from the federal Government that could be used on medical research or for the care of disabled veterans or 101 other good causes.

Make your stores better so your staff want to go to work each day. 

I know the head of Wal-Mart is worth $22 billion. Why does she need that much money she cant take it with her. The Egyptians tried that and we robbed them fuckers.

Tell her to pay people their worth and you will not have to rely on outsiders to check up on them, this will give you a saving. Your boss is a vampire, sucking the lifes blood out of respectable people for the sake of selfish greed.

I dare you to go tell her she has to pay people more!


I don’t anticipate a response, but it made me feel good.

Monday, 11 May 2015

I got this message

We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.

When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please:

  • Describe what you were doing when you got this error.
  • Provide the following error code.


This information will help us to track down your specific problem and fix it! We apologise for the inconvenience.


Now obviously something is wrong and their computer is clever enough to know that and generate a code to send them. So why cant their computer write directly to the fix it man and then they can fix it without my intervention.

These people aren’t as smart as they think they are.

Friday, 8 May 2015

We have crabs!

When I was a younger man I like many in the 70s watched ‘The Waltons’ on TV. I was totally taken with the writings of Earl Hamner and as an aspiring writer I wanted to write like ‘John Boy Walton’. Nothing has changed.

I remember watching the film ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’, that was twenty five years ago. My memory was always that it was very much a John Boy Walton story. Tonight I watched ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ for the first time in many years and I was surprised to find that it was no such thing.

It is one of those stories that has a lot of content, but you make a lot of it up yourself. I feel I made up the  Walton’s bit. It is nonetheless a fine story and worthy of  a couple of hours of anyone’s time.Window_at_the_Whistlestop_760

If you get to watch it and stay right to the end you will understand the title of this post. Enjoy, I’m sure you will.

Thursday, 7 May 2015


As boaters we are all well aware of the need for a water supply. Water is a part of the ritual of boating. We all need it. And we all seem to go about getting it differently.

I have seen some people walk to and fro the tap all day, with containers, to fill up their tank. They do this to save their ‘space’. I have watched people bring their porta pottie to the elsan then when back on their boat bring the boat down for water. There are some who are not content with the normal boat tank they also fill up numerous gallon containers and plastic jerry cans. They do this because the think they will run out of water before they get to the next water point two miles up the canal. Of course there are those who don’t really want to be boaters so they get a boat with a million gallon tank! This is ok if you keep it topped up, but if you run it dry and then spend all day on the water point stopping others with smaller tanks from using it then you are a twat. What do you mean you are not? Of course you are. There is a natural rhythm to the canals and an hour max should sort it. Most people, whilst happy to wait in a queue feel waiting all day for some selfish bastard to put a million gallons in his tank at a time when everyone around needs to fill as this is the only time they have all week to get it done, will think you are a twat!

Then there's the lay flat hose man who seem to take an age getting the kinks out of his hose as he unrolls the whole thing then routes it so there is a proper flow. I saw a chap yesterday with one of these new fangled hoses that fit in your pocket. Did you know there is a one way valve on one end of the hose, no? neither did he!  I know the old adage Storage storage storage! is an excuse for not having a ‘proper’ hose on a reel, but I have to wonder at some of the shit that people store that precludes the storing of a ‘proper’ hose. Often you will see people drag loads of crap out of a side locker to get at the lay flat hose. I do have loads of crap stored, but I do have a ‘proper’ hose. Each to his own I suppose!

And then there is the man who complains about SLOW feed, but all the time taking no notice of the water pissing out of the tap connection. His connection!  The connection here at Thrupp is very slow. Any leaking connector is going to make it slower. So please don’t complain!

A couple of examples of what I mean:



DSCF2985This is very wasteful of our precious water supply. If you use the CRT taps please fix your leaks! If the tap you are filling at is leaking then report it, or if you have a spanner fix it. Thank you!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

David Colburn

UKIP’s David Colburn is still an MEP yet he is standing in the General Election. I don't think he is showing much commitment  if he is not prepared to stand down from one job in order to seek election to another.untitledHe must be hedging his bets methinks. If he doesn't make it in the GE he still has a secure place on the gravy train for another two years in which he will be able to increase his personal fortune by another pile of quids far in excess of those he purports to represent, Its sickening!

And, of course, while he is campaigning for his place in GE2015 he’s not doing what he is paid for in Europe.

Sunday, 3 May 2015


I am very pleased that Denmark has finally banned the practice of, for want of a better phrase, dog brothels. I would like to think that I had something to do with this in my recent posts decrying the practice, but all I did was shout.

However there have been many  Danes who have worked tirelessly to get this legislation on to the statute books, they are the heroes. It has long been abhorrent to many of the Danish population that this was a part of their underground culture. I am glad that they have managed to get this law enacted.

Such places as dog brothels will probably not  disappear overnight, but the proprietors and customers, of such places, can now be jailed for this offence! I for one thank all those involved who made this happen. Hurrah!

Friday, 1 May 2015


Denmark joins the 21st Century.

Sex with animals is no longer legal in Denmark. Legislators have finally done their job and made this practice illegal.

Read the Reuters report here.

No longer will this be legal in Denmark.