Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Fecking cheek!

So there I was on the river. I went up stream for the ride. On the way back I aimed for Osney to moor up for the night. Well just after Bottley Bridge there is a little pocket park outside some houses. As I passed an asian lady and her husband came to the park and dumped a load of wood in the park. Just threw it over the fence if you please!

I was having none of this. I moored up picked up the wood and marched around to their house. I told the chap that it was not acceptable to be dumping their shit in public places. Another neighbour came out and asked if it was my rubbish, to which I said I had just seen the chap and his wife dump it. That set him off explaining why it was not the done thing and where they should take their shit in future.

Job done I went to moor up for the night.

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