Friday, 15 May 2015


After a trip to Waitrose I set off about 10.30. I stopped at the chandlery that I was told had closed, but had just changed hands, and bought some ‘D’ shackles. Then me and Molly cruised down the river to Sutton Courtenay. You may remember I went last year. You might not want to go past the DANGER sign, but you will enjoy the ride. It is not as you might think as long as you stay away from the weirs. DSCF3014 Back up on the river I waited for Culham lock to fill on Public Power. It takes nearly 20 minutes! Out of the lock I surprised the  couple who shared the lock with me by turning sharp right and going to Sutton Courtney again via the lower half of the weir stream. This I had never done before. It was very different. There are a few weirs up there and I visited all the ones I could get to. DSCF3018 The big weir at the end is a special place not just the weirs but a Culvert and beaches and ……..shallow bits. This is where I got grounded. I was surprised because past experience of these places says it doesn’t get shallow until you are quite close……not today! Doh!DSCF3015 My front end isn’t very deep in the water, but I was stuck fast it took a bit of wiggling and a lot of throttle before it came free, but free it came and I was off on my way.DSCF3021 I stopped at the weir above Clifton and had lunch then made my way through the lock then off down to Days Lock where I tried to go up their weir stream too.  Had I got under the bridge I may have scraped the chimney but with only inches to go someone on the bank said I would pick up the bottom just the other side of the bridge. So I reversed out. and continued on to my nights mooring where the River Thame meets the River Thames.I had to do a bit of gardening when I arrived, the bridge srrounds were a bit overgrown.

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