Tuesday, 19 May 2015

I am sad to announce………..

……the demise of my slippers. I have finally decided they are past their best and fit only for the bin.


However there will be a short service when they are to be are buried at sea, You are all invited. There will be a short walk to the burial site and you are advised to bring flippers.

In the absence of an impending birthday or Christmas on the horizon, I have had to shell out for some new ones. The nearest shop being Tesco. They had only two styles to chose from so these won. Have you seen the price of slippers these days?


For future reference slippers last about a year. Of course I am now out of sync with the slipper/birthday cycle you all need to pay better attention.

1 comment:

Marilyn McDonald said...

Am I correct in thinking that your birthday is early December, Maffi, 3rd-ish? I will keep an eye out for appropriate slippers to get you back in synch! Perhaps some possum socks would be welcome ...
Cheers, Marilyn