Thursday, 28 May 2015

Moving on!

OK so since Thatcham I moved up to Newbury where I spent a day or three. I was hoping to get on with the painting of the bows but it just wasn’t a goer. Too much stuff falling off the trees. I did manage a nice meal out at the Ghurkha Chef. I also found the laundry, note I said Laundry and not Laundrette. It was a bit expensive but I was glad to stop the commando gig. They said late afternoon but I stopped by about one and it was all done. So I was able to set off. Earlier in the morning I turned round and went to the Chandlery for diesel and water. Now usually when you buy diesel they don’t charge for water. They do at Greenham. Yes my tank was empty so I filled it to the top, but I think £4 is a bit steep, but they do have a £6000+ water bill for the year. I read somewhere with just the cost of the water a person would be hard pushed to use a quids worth in his life time. Add to that the maintenance costs staff salaries and execs vast bonuses and 4 quid seems fair.

John reversed down from in front of me on nb April Squire and allowed the flow to turn him under the bridge.
Anyway I set off and arrived in Kintbury where I spent the night. On the way I spotted this bench.
Nothing special until you read the plaque.

I wish I had known my laundry was done and I wouldn’t have had the water, but having said that there was wide beam moored on the water point all night much to the annoyance of the hire boat that came up an hour or two after me.
There is a sign at Kintbury that would be hard to call legal and could get someone in a lot of trouble. I might have to take this up with CRT.
A late start on Wednesday morning got me to Hungerford and the last mooring on the offside. At Dunmill lock there was a couple of guys fishing for trout on the river.

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