Thursday, 7 May 2015


As boaters we are all well aware of the need for a water supply. Water is a part of the ritual of boating. We all need it. And we all seem to go about getting it differently.

I have seen some people walk to and fro the tap all day, with containers, to fill up their tank. They do this to save their ‘space’. I have watched people bring their porta pottie to the elsan then when back on their boat bring the boat down for water. There are some who are not content with the normal boat tank they also fill up numerous gallon containers and plastic jerry cans. They do this because the think they will run out of water before they get to the next water point two miles up the canal. Of course there are those who don’t really want to be boaters so they get a boat with a million gallon tank! This is ok if you keep it topped up, but if you run it dry and then spend all day on the water point stopping others with smaller tanks from using it then you are a twat. What do you mean you are not? Of course you are. There is a natural rhythm to the canals and an hour max should sort it. Most people, whilst happy to wait in a queue feel waiting all day for some selfish bastard to put a million gallons in his tank at a time when everyone around needs to fill as this is the only time they have all week to get it done, will think you are a twat!

Then there's the lay flat hose man who seem to take an age getting the kinks out of his hose as he unrolls the whole thing then routes it so there is a proper flow. I saw a chap yesterday with one of these new fangled hoses that fit in your pocket. Did you know there is a one way valve on one end of the hose, no? neither did he!  I know the old adage Storage storage storage! is an excuse for not having a ‘proper’ hose on a reel, but I have to wonder at some of the shit that people store that precludes the storing of a ‘proper’ hose. Often you will see people drag loads of crap out of a side locker to get at the lay flat hose. I do have loads of crap stored, but I do have a ‘proper’ hose. Each to his own I suppose!

And then there is the man who complains about SLOW feed, but all the time taking no notice of the water pissing out of the tap connection. His connection!  The connection here at Thrupp is very slow. Any leaking connector is going to make it slower. So please don’t complain!

A couple of examples of what I mean:



DSCF2985This is very wasteful of our precious water supply. If you use the CRT taps please fix your leaks! If the tap you are filling at is leaking then report it, or if you have a spanner fix it. Thank you!


Naughty-Cal said...

I confess we are members of the roll flat hose brigade. It takes up so much less room then the traditional hose on a roll and on our small boat storage is at a premium so roll flat it is.

It's unlikely that we will hold you up at a water point however, as our tank is only 26 gallons so quick to refill, however fairly quick to empty at the same time. We need to find a water point every two or three days.

Kev & Donna said...

Hi Maffi- Of topic but the Elephant & Castle 'house' issue with access to the towpath in Coventry was resolved a couple of weeks back. Access restored!
Cheers Kevin & Donna 'Hawkesbury Pumphouse

Anonymous said...

Good blog Maffi, we have had to have 'words' with boaters spraying the drinking water all over their boats to wash them. Not good when there are others queuing up while they do so. We wash our 60 footer with about a litre of water in a big jug. The gunnel's, bow and stern are mopped frequently with canal/river water too.
I really detest people misusing our precious drinking water. Ann.

Maffi said...

NC I don't usually talk about plastic boats on here unless they have burned to the waterline, but if storage is your concern could hang it over the side and it can double as a fender then it takes up no space inside :D

Kevin Thank you. I had heard something like that.