Friday, 12 June 2015

In Wiltshire

Well here I am at my destination, Bradford-upon-Avon. It seems the rule here is moor where you can and stay there till the piss pot over flows then go empty it. Speed is an unknown here you are either stationary or moving there is no tick over! The majority of boats know what the speed limit is and manage to keep to it. Occasionally dropping below 3.5 mph but mostly staying with it or just a mile or two above it.

My little people have been feeding me this week and I dare say this will continue until I get in the dry dock at the end of next week.

The baby Little person is really cute. She can talk a bit, but not a convo.

I am in desperate need of a rifle, them new crows is driving me nuts. Executive Action needs to be taken ... soonest.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bothe your little people are most charming, good to see you are all spending some quality time together.
I think they are having a positive effect on you, spurring you on to do your Spring cleaning, well done.
Will we even recognise your sparkling, new-look boat when we see it I wonder?
nb Oakfield